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Adrift: A love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area (Video)

Immediately I wanted to know how. How did he do it? How did he manage to capture such vivid imagery... and, of course, what camera did he use?

Shot on Canon EOS 70D (Video)

Paired with the STM kit lens (I got the 18-135mm) the Canon EOS 70D is the definition of sublime. Focus is right now fast.

Canon announces EOS 70D, successor to 60D (Video autofocus a key feature)

I will be one of the first in line to upgrade my (wonderful) 60D. I've shot a few hundred videos for Stark Insider since buying one in 2010. It's never let me down, and the build quality is top notch.

Road to a Million Views: The Gear (DSLR Video Guide)

Jumping into DSLR? Here's a list of gear that can you get started, and on the way to a million views on YouTube.

A simple DSLR lighting solution that just works (Neewer LED panel test)

Here's an incredibly high performance, low cost lighting solution for DSLR shooters and videographers. Use it on your Canon, Nikon, Sony camera to get great results.

Clint’s Top 10 DSLR Accessories

Here's 10 tried and true DSLR accessories. Whether you're a casual photog, or serious videographer, be sure to check-out Clint's list of must-have kit.

A riveting, emotional behind-the-scenes look at video game development (must see)

Indie video games, priced from $10-20 on WiiWare, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, don't generate Halo money, but a top-seller can still make its creators multi-millionaires in a matter of weeks after launch.

DSLR Dilemma: Canon EOS 60D or new full-frame EOS 6D?

Just how I contemplated upgrading to a 5D Mark II (and then the Mark III) I realize that the benefits over something like the EOS 60D probably don't warrant the incremental outlay.

DSLR Dilemma: Canon Rebel T4i or EOS 60D?

For many, the T4i is clearly the better choice. And it's $100 less expensive to boot!

New Moon on Monday

Can super processing save the super moon?