Werner Herzog Masterclass on Filmmaking

A Taste of Cherry - Film Review

Minimalist ‘Taste of Cherry’ a fascinating life and death journey (Film Review)

Mr. Badii drives randomly across the Tehran countryside looking for someone -- anyone -- who would do him one simple job. And pay well it will. A handsome sum he promises.But, despite the widespread poverty that seemingly consumes every facet of his surroundings he's unable to convince the strangers he...
The Peregrine Novel mandatory reading Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog: Read visually-driven novels like ‘The Peregrine’ to better understand how to make films

The beauty of filmmaking, film culture, and film history is that it is an interdisciplinary study.And, it requires you to read. A lot. And not books about filmmaking -- rather creative fiction, pages filled with visual story-telling.I'm learning this in earnest thanks to the online filmmaking class I'm taking...
Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking

Film School 101: Werner Herzog teaches me filmmaking

It's official. I'm now "studying under" famed filmmaker Werner Herzog.Well, actually we all are...A few months ago I enrolled in the German director's MasterClass. You've probably seen ads for the web site -- most notably the ones by Ron Howard on directing and others on writing, comedy, and various...