The Marsh San Francisco

Will Durst in Elect to Laugh 2016 at The Marsh San Francisco

Elect to Laugh 2016: Again and again

Quick to connect with the audience, Will Durst alternates knowing insults and ego stokes, always taking the audience’s pulse.
Second Time Around - The Marsh San Francisco

This Time with Heart: Second Time Around

Jeanrenaud's cello dances around the emotional tones, fleshing out color and nuance that Rosenau never fully articulates.
Ann Randolph

Laughter and death at Ann Randolph’s ‘Loveland’

Ann Randolph’s greatest strength as a performer is her utter willingness to look foolish. In Loveland, her alter ego Franny dances awkwardly, speaks nasally, and says whatever she happens to be thinking—even if that’s recounting her experiences masturbating in massage chairs at Whole Foods. Franny’s vocation and “special talent” is...

Come to the DMV, old friend… with Don Reed

Actor Don Reed presents nine characters – beginning with Alberta – the first roadblock at the “appointments or no appointments” desk.

Stuck in the ‘Haiku Tunnel’ of big firm culture

Kornbluth’s got the law firm culture down – a world in which even summer associates trump the admins and paralegals who really keep the place running. By playing all the roles himself, he keeps the story close to his chest, which makes it look far smarter than the movie.

Brian Copeland’s ‘Jewelry Box’ at the Marsh (Review)

Saying that this one-man show is about Copeland’s efforts to get his mother a jewelry box would be like saying Moby Dick is about a whale.

God Fights the Plague

We meet a self-proclaimed witch who prays to Elvis, a world Qigong leader, Muslims, rabid Christians, atheists, drag queen and rabbi Irwin Keller, and assorted others.

San Francisco bar culture revealed in new play

Having worked at 28 San Francisco bars, Jill Vice now brings her comedic look at bar culture to the stage in 'Tipped & Tipsy'.

Berkeley Rep: 10th Anniversary Production of Brian Copeland’s ‘Not a Genuine Black Man’

After over 700 performances in its initial seven-year run in more than 30 cities including San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as off Broadway, Copeland’s acclaimed show comes to Berkeley Rep for 18 performances.

The Oy of Sex

When Dattner's not trying to convince you of something, she brings a wistful vulnerability that's very appealing.