The Marsh

Colette Uncensored will leave you wanting more

In The Marsh’s small San Francisco theater, watching Lorri Holt speak as Colette is like having a conversation with the most interesting person you have ever met. Writers Zack Rogow and Lorri Holt frame their play as a lecture in celebration of Gigi, but it’s more of a cozy...
Echo Brown - Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters

Realer than Real: Echo Brown and ‘Black Virgins Are Not for Hipsters’

When she talks about how racist the Bay Area is, compared to NYC or Cleveland, her observation seems perfectly aligned with the Bay Area’s glacial coolness and assumed superiority that goes with occupying this stunning bit of heaven.
Second Time Around - The Marsh San Francisco

This Time with Heart: Second Time Around

Jeanrenaud's cello dances around the emotional tones, fleshing out color and nuance that Rosenau never fully articulates.
Date Night at Pet Emergency

Not Just a Morality Tale: Date Night at Pet Emergency

Rothman's considerable strengths, as a writer and performer, make this show worth taking in.
The Waiting Period - Brian Copeland

No Waiting Period Required: Brian Copeland at the Marsh

Suicide is never too far from anyone’s mind in Silicon Valley, especially here in Palo Alto where most of us are either nursing scar tissue or harboring a worrisome suspicion that we’ve created a coal mine for so many canaries.
Each and Every Thing - Dan Hoyle

The Revolution Will Not be Digitized: Dan Hoyle at the Marsh

He’s critically attuned to how this steady diet of digital distraction diminishes our ability to form real connections and real community.

Brian Copeland’s ‘Jewelry Box’ at the Marsh (Review)

Saying that this one-man show is about Copeland’s efforts to get his mother a jewelry box would be like saying Moby Dick is about a whale.