Sundance Film Festival

Thoroughbreds - Film Review

‘Thoroughbreds’ an eye-catching film with haunting images (Review)

Cory Finley’s script, Lyle Vincent’s vivid cinematography and musical interludes chosen by Erik Friedlander combine to offer a witty but devastating portrait of upper-class suburban life where financial wealth outweighs other concerns.
The Square - MVFF40

MVFF40: Cannes films ‘The Square’, ‘120 BPM’, ‘Loveless’ among first slate of films revealed

Organizers of the Mill Valley Film Festival have released the first slate of major film announcements.It's a lengthy reveal, featuring international and domestic entries. A quick scan suggests a quality line-up, including many stand-out titles, and performances. Of note the top Cannes award winners -- Palme d'Or, Gran Prix,...
All These Sleepless Nights

Blackmagic cameras enamor Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, other film directors

The life of an indie manufacturer is not easy: It's one thing to produce relatively low cost cameras, but it's entirely another thing to get big name directors to use them on their projects.For Blackmagic Design, it would seem the tide is slowly turning in their favor...The Australian cinema...
The Fundamentals of Caring / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Rob Burnett)

Sundance 2016 film lineup announced

Above: Craig Roberts and Paul Rudd in The Revised Fundamentals of Caring. Dir: Rob Burnett, USA.Sundance has revealed the lineup for the 2016 edition of its esteemed film festival. Once again look for high profile narratives, episodic works, shorts, and documentaries, along with assorted filmmaker panels.By my estimation 17...
Room starring Brie Larson - Mill Valley Film Festival

Actress Brie Larson to attend MVFF for premiere of ‘Room’

Actress Brie Larson will take time out of her incredibly busy schedule (Free Fire, Kong: Skull Island, Trainwreck) to attend the upcoming 38th edition of the Mill Valley Film Festival.There, MVFF organizers say, she'll receive a "Spotlight" award in advance of the screening of her new film Room.Per the...
The Wolfpack - Film Review

There Will be Hair: The Wolfpack (Review)

Alert: potential spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen The Wolfpack I recommend you see it first, before reading this or any other review. The less you know, the better!If you ever wanted a 90-minute, constant reminder of your receding hairline, The Wolfpack is your ticket. There will be hair.By...

Being Evel, 3 other Sundance films shot on Blackmagic

Blackmagic Cameras star at Sundance Film Festival with four films including Bob and the Trees, The Strongest Man, Things of the Aimless Wanderer.

Sundance releases 2015 film line-up (Complete list)

Past films that have received a global boost from a Sundance appearance include Fruitvale Station, Reservoir Dogs, An Inconvenient Truth, Little Miss Sunshine, sex, lies and videotape, and Whiplash, among many others.

Chris Lowell’s directorial debut to have world premiere at Mill Valley Film Festival

'Beside Still Waters', an emotionally potent 'Big Chill' for the Millennial Generation.

Sun Valley Film Festival announces lineup

Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster is a featured guest this year.