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An Act of God San Francisco Review

An apocalyptic ‘Act of God’ visits SHN Golden Gate (The Almighty Review)

Actor-comedian Sean Hayes delivers a swishy cross between Bill Buckley and Oprah.

Wicked defies gravity, as usual

The national tour of Wicked couldn’t possibly be less than fabulous. Stephen Schwartz’s score combines the infuriatingly catchy with the beautifully lyrical. His clever lyrics provoke laughs with their well-rhymed mix of real SAT vocabulary words and made-up imitations (confusifying, disgusticified). The whole plot—based on Gregory Maguire’s novel of...
Dirty Dancing - Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Greyvideo

Dirty Dancing Re-visited: 1987 film adapted for stage (Video)

I go backstage at the Golden Gate Theatre and re-discover some 80's magic.

Breaking News: An Act of God hits San Francisco

"Then I thought, 'Let me take a brief break from eternity, and devote the greater part of a week creating a universe. And, I dunno, kind of just see what happens.'"
Andrew Basso - The Escapologist

At the Orpheum: The Illusionists (Review)

The Orpheum has a history of big lunacy, undoubtedly bearing psychedelic traces that permanently alter the chemistry of the ceiling ornaments so that 'The Illusionists' fit right, in ways that just don’t work in a San Jose venue.
Jersey Boys - San Francisco Review

‘Jersey Boys’ and those Jersey contradictions

“Jersey Boys” gets that part right – gets part of that whole New Jersey thing - in a way that seems unimaginable. Wow… New Jersey. Shudder and Shake.
A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder - Review

Murder and musical comedy are a winning combination in Gentleman’s Guide

Clever writing and an outstanding cast make this new musical comedy a feel-good hit, all the murders notwithstanding.
Riverdance - Anna Livia - Review

Still Working Magic: Riverdance (Review)

The phenomenal power generated by these dancers executing precisely articulated steps so rapidly that their lower limbs and feet blur is intensified all the more because, as with most Irish dances of this style, the upper torso remains absolutely still.
If/Then starring Idina Menzel

Original Broadway Cast: ‘IF/THEN’ at the Orpheum, San Francisco (Review)

Superficially, the execution appears unremarkable until it hits that your brain has been stolen by the shape of the entire dance, moving on the stage like a school of fish, leaving you more aware of the geometries that power it forward.

Theater News: ‘Wicked’ returns to San Francisco (Video)

Good news for fans of the untold story of the witches of Oz. Wicked (review from the Orpheum) is returning to San Francisco.Organizers today at SHN announced the Broadway smash hit -- and winner of a Grammy and three Tony Awards -- will play the Orpheum Theatre March 9 through...