San Jose

Synopsys Science Fair in San Jose: Doh! Outsmarted by adults, Loni and now kids too

Did you know that most dogs have a "paw preference", and use their right paw more than their left?Or that among natural sugar, Splenda and Sweet 'n Low, the latter is the least likely to promote tooth decay?I learned all this and a whole lot more when I took...

Kevin Pollack brings a few good laughs (and impressions) to Cinequest

Pollack mentioned he joined Twitter only 16 days ago, and already has over 80,000 followers. (video after the break)

Cinequest Film Festival: ‘The Least Among You’ screening and maverick spirit award for Louis Gossett Jr.

The Cinequest Film Festival, now in its 19th year, is in full swing, and last night Loni and I had the pleasure to attend a special screening of Louis Gossett Jr's latest film.

Video: Santana Row and Blowfish Sushi in San Jose

Video from Santana Row, San Jose.

Cinequest Film Festival 2009 will transform the mind, body and soul of the city of San Jose

Every year, the Cinequest Film Festival sprouts up in San Jose, California, transforming this mecca for engineering and scientific innovation into an art and film lover's paradise for two weeks.You can read my review of "The Art of Travel" from last year's film festival here.The theme for this year's...

‘The Art of Travel’ – Review from San Jose Cinequest Film Festival

Director: Thomas Whelan Ticket Price: $10Loni's Rating: 6 ouf of 10 stars Clint's Rating: 3 out of 10 starsCinequest LeaderboardIf you are ever in the San Jose, CA area during the Cinequest Film Festival, be sure to catch at least one movie as it is quite an experience. If you...