San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

Film Concert Series: SSV to perform ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’

Harry Potter. 40-foot screen. Live score. We're in!

‘Phantom’ kicks off Broadway San Jose season

Great news Bay Area!Andrew Lloyd Webber's eternal classic The Phantom of the Opera will kick off Broadway San Jose's 2016-17 season. Look for the US tour to arrive this September. Full details below.In addition to Phantom, other musicals rounding out the Broadway San Jose line-up include The Sound of Music,...

Phantom of the Opera tops Broadway San Jose’s new season (Video)

Cameron Mackintosh's new production of Andrew Llyod Webber's famed The Phantom of the Opera leads the upcoming Broadway San Jose season.Revealed today, the eight show line-up features a thoughtful mix of classic musicals such as Cabaret, Annie and The Sound of Music, alongside contemporary hits like Kinky Boots, Matilda...
The Wizard of Oz

Lions, tigers, bears, and men lurking behind curtains

Not only does the script retain dialogue essential to the spirit of the thing, it's iconic moments give you the same hit as the original, with Arron Fried’s delectable Cowardly Lion infused with concentrated essence of Bert Lahr.
Riverdance - Anna Livia - Review

Still Working Magic: Riverdance (Review)

The phenomenal power generated by these dancers executing precisely articulated steps so rapidly that their lower limbs and feet blur is intensified all the more because, as with most Irish dances of this style, the upper torso remains absolutely still.

Shaping sound, shaping dance

This touring show has even more of the flash and glitz of the reality TV, which audience seemed to revel in, breaking into spontaneous applause after sequences of multiple pirouettes.

BTS Preview: ‘The Lion King’ with Rafiki (Video)

Can you feel the love tonight?For Broadway fans in Silicon Valley, the answer would be a resounding Y-E-S.Ever popular Phantom of the Opera is now playing in San Francisco. And next week, another epic Broadway hit, The Lion King, opens at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts.If you haven't...
Custom Made Theatre is moving

Custom Made Theatre to relocate to 99-seat space at Union Square

In conjunction with the news, Custom Made is launching a "moving campaign" aiming to raise $20,000.
The Book of Mormon shatters house records

Book of Mormon shatters record in San Jose, grosses $1.8M

I knew something felt different and special on this opening night.There was a palpable energy in the air, the downtown streets were far busier than any other opening in recent memory, and once I stepped into the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts theater it was immediately evident Book...
The Book of Mormon Review

I Believe: ‘Book of Mormon’ musical flexes Tony cred (Review)

Quite charming actually.That was my first thought as I streamed, on auto-pilot, alongside a large, enthusiastic crowd into the warm air of downtown San Jose after the opening night of The Book of Mormon.But this show is supposed to be daring, raunchy, and shocking.It's all of those things, alright, but...