San Francisco Playhouse

Streets of San Francisco: SF Playhouse ‘First Day of School’

Sprinting to Geary Street across from Union Square in San Francisco, can Loni and Clint make the show in time?

Theater review: ‘First Day of School’ brings laughs

"Would you like to have sex with me?"David (Bill English) walks the school grounds asking other parents and watches as they react to his direct approach. Meanwhile his wife Susan (Zehra Berkman) is doing the exact thing across the lot, ending up eventually in a bagel shop, before their...

Theater review: SF Playhouse ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ captures emotion, oppression, spirit

My how times have changed. A lot of so-called  therapy today (not that I would know!) is based on spa-like treatment administered under the guise of "wellness." Patients are pampered and can tweet and Facebook to their narcissistic-heart's content.But there was a day, at least according to writer Ken...