San Francisco Playhouse

Stark Insider Goes Behind the Scenes at SF Playhouse

SF Playhouse Behind the Scenes – Vodka noodles, crawl spaces, blood vessels

In March 2009, with the opening of San Jose Rep's exceptional 'The Kite Runner', we inaugurated the theater section here on Stark Insider. Since that time, SF Playhouse has consistently garnered some of our highest praise.
Wirehead - SF Playhouse

Wirehead: Viagra for the Mind

A “wirehead” is a human with an intracranially implanted “z drive.”
Wirehead - SF Playhouse

SF Playhouse – post-show talks for ‘Wirehead’ to explore artificial intelligence

SF Playhouse invites audience members to explore the fascinating topic of artificial intelligence after select performances of Wirehead.From March 15th through April 23rd, the SF Playhouse presents the Northern California premiere of this innovative new work by award-winning authors Benjamin/Brown.Imagine that tomorrow anyone with the money could get a...
Daughter (Monique Hafen) and Harper (Susi Damilano) bond.

Theater Review: ‘Harper Regan’ at SF Playhouse

The set, yet again, is another standout by artistic director Bill English.
Harper Regan

San Francisco This Month: West Coast Premiere of ‘Harper Regan’

On a startlingly bright autumn night Harper Regan walked away from her home and her husband and her daughter and she kept walking.
Carl Lumbly* and Charles Dean* - Sunset Unlimited - *Courtesy of Actors' Equity Photos by Jessica Palopoli

Theater Review: ‘The Sunset Limited’ at SF Playhouse

In a sense, author Cormac McCarthy is shadow boxing.
Seven Days by Daniel Heath

SF Playhouse opens Sandbox Series with ‘Seven Days’

Three relationships spanning three generations play out over a single week as love is lost, found, and diagrammed on the wall.
SF Playhouse San Francisco. Photo: Clinton Stark.

SF Playhouse announces West Coast premiere of ‘The Sunset Limited’

"The theme of the 2010-2011 season is 'Why Theatre?", remarked Artistic Director Bill English.

SF Playhouse to stage West Coast premiere of ‘Coraline’

The SF Playhouse (Bill English, Artistic Director; Susi Damilano, Producing Director) announced that the West Coast Premiere (and only second presentation) of Coraline will fill the previously unannounced slot in their 2010-11 season.Poor bored Coraline. She's left to rattle 'round her perpetually distracted, workaholic parents' house all by her...
Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party

Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party goes Off-Broadway

In Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party, a fourth-grade Christmas pageant in Lincoln's rural Illinois hometown sets off a firestorm of controversy when it calls into question Honest Abe's sexuality.