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Social Media Use Continues to Rise Across San Francisco Venues

Why are sports writers and political pundits able to stir up active online debate whereas their counterparts in theater cannot?

Clybourne Park Receives 4 Tony Award Nominations (complete list)

Clybourne Park, a new work which played at the American Conservatory Theater last season, received four nominations including best new play.

SF Bay Area theaters see 12.5% monthly increase in Twitter followers

Theaters with the largest growth in followers include SF Playhouse (23%) and Marin Theatre Company (53%).
SF Playhouse

‘The Aliens’ is pretty far out, man

There's a Kevin Smith vibe to Annie Baker's presentation that soaks the affair with a gritty, slow motion tension of sorts.
Sutter Street, San Francisco

Theater Review: ‘Private Parts’ at The Sandbox, SF Playhouse

After the show, walking down Sutter on a too-good-to-be-true "winter" evening in San Francisco, I reflected in awe at the guts that it must take for a solo performer to put it all on the line like that. Graham Gremore has crafted something special, that many will no doubt relate to.
San Francisco Theater Review

Psycho date night with ‘Becky Shaw’

It's mostly guilt free, and at the SF Playhouse opening night Becky Shaw reminded me perhaps of the last (only?) good reason to be married: so I don't need to play the dating game.
Period of Adjustment - SF Playhouse

Review: ‘Period of Adjustment’ – Extraordinary cast brings Tennessee Williams to life

Despite being a more overt comedy, Williams doesn’t shy away from his serious recurring motifs of familiar dysfunction, homosexuality and sexual repression.
Sherri (Melissa Quine) and Zack (Jeremy Kahn) share truths in his mothers shoe closet.

Review: ‘Tigers Be Still’ at SF Playhouse

"There's often a fine line between doing the stupidest thing, and doing the sexiest thing."
SF Playhouse

San Francisco: SF Playhouse announces 2011-12 season

Opening the ninth season is the west coast premiere of Honey Brown Eyes by Stefanie Zadravec, a heart crushing encounter during the Bosnian War reminding us of the fine line between friend and foe.
Wirehead at SF Playhouse

Interview: Exploring human immortality, artificial intelligence in San Francisco

Kurzweil "believes that we're approaching a moment when computers will become intelligent, and not just intelligent but more intelligent than humans."