San Francisco Playhouse

Dogfight - San Francisco Playhouse

Nothing’s ugly about ‘Dogfight’

"The ugliest girl wins the dough for the guy who brought her."On their last night before deployment, six Marines make a bet—a dogfight. The tough-talking Eddie Birdlace finds a waitress for his entry, but he quickly discovers himself falling for her in spite of her appearance. As produced by...
Between Riverside and Crazy at A.C.T. San Francisco

Going home: ‘Between Riverside and Crazy’ (Review)

A.C.T.'s season opener is one of the top 5 plays of 2015.
Company - San Francisco Playhouse Review

Living Up to its Reputation: ‘Company’ at San Francisco Playhouse

Company remains so vital you have to pay attention to this microscope on everyone’s marriage, complete with ironies, compromises, and connections for which we all keep looking
Trouble Cometh Review - San Francisco Playhouse

More of this virtual world at San Francisco Playhouse (review)

Russell delivers a performance that’ll give you shivers of recognition. You know this long-winded, self-serving, alpha male wanna-be who sucks the air out of the room.

Theater News: San Francisco Playhouse announces season

San Francisco Playhouse 2015-16 season line-up: Dogfight, Stage Kiss, Colossal, Red Velvet, City of Angels. A sixth play is TBA. Read all the details here on Stark Insider.

Don’t shoot that bird! (Review)

While our negativity threshold saves us, sometimes we need to get psychically beaten to get a bit of truth in now and then. Stupid Fucking Bird does precisely that.

Stark Insider Weekend: Yountville Live Concert, Tartuffe, Stupid F##king Bird, Breaking the Code

Yountville Live, Tartuffe at Berkeley Rep, Stupid F##king Bird at San Francisco Playhouse, plus more events and things to do in and around San Francisco.

‘Tree’ and the magic of theater at San Francisco Playhouse (Review)

The hit you get off of this one is almost as big as all our collective histories.

Conspiracies, suspicions unnerve in superb ‘Ideation’ (Review)

A new play starring ... corporate consultants? Can it possibly work? A resounding yes and yes.

San Francisco Playhouse reveals 2014-15 season

Aaron Leob's IDEATION kicks off the season, followed by a TBA show, then: TREE, STUPID F##KING BIRD, TROUBLE COMETH. The musical revival COMPANY closes the season.