San Francisco Playhouse

The Effect at San Francisco Playhouse

The Effect‘s side effects: laughter and angst

How can we trust in love if it’s reducible to brain chemistry?

Zenith dodges its own question

Kirsten Greenidge’s new play Zenith asks a difficult question: why do ordinary people commit horrifying crimes? Specifically (in a scenario loosely inspired by a true event), how could a seemingly well-adjusted mother drive a car the wrong way on the highway, causing a deadly crash? The premise is well...
San Francisco Playhouse - She Loves Me review

She Loves Me: A rare and romantic holiday musical at SF Playhouse

Every theater company (and symphony and ballet) seems to want to put on a good Christmas show. This results in the predictable November and December line-up of Christmas Carols, Messiahs, and Nutcrackers. Make no mistake—those are excellent works. But it’s nice to see something different. One solution: a world...
On Clover Road - Theater Review

Unraveling mysterious cult ‘On Clover Road’

"Children are made of glass. Children shatter."Maybe their parents do too.On Clover Road could have been a straight-ahead story about cults we've seen so many times before: parent searches for runaway child, finds them in remote location under the spell of a spiritual leader, proceeds to rescue them, and...
The Nether - San Francisco Playhouse Review

The Nether is a 90 minute heart-in-mouth experience

Instead of a futuristic netherland, this Jennifer Haley play feels like a virtual Second Life crossed with regions of the dark web, with forays down the Silk Road. If that makes you squeamish, the San Francisco Playhouse production of 'The Nether' hits the mark.
A.C.T. Strand Theater - Lobby

New Strands Festival lineup announced

American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) today announced the lineup for its first-ever New Strands Festival. Running January 21-24, the festival features "new theatrical pieces, works in progress, readings, and experimental work." In other words, it sounds very much in line with what artistic director Carey Perloff told us she envisioned...
Stage Kiss - San Francisco Playhouse Review

Stage Kiss at SF Playhouse: When the ghost light goes out (Review)

You don’t have to be familiar with yelling, “Where’s the duck tape? Where’s the Stage Manager?” or even have pondered how good actors can have sex with bad actors to delight in this well-paced wonder.
Dogfight - San Francisco Playhouse

Nothing’s ugly about ‘Dogfight’

"The ugliest girl wins the dough for the guy who brought her."On their last night before deployment, six Marines make a bet—a dogfight. The tough-talking Eddie Birdlace finds a waitress for his entry, but he quickly discovers himself falling for her in spite of her appearance. As produced by...
Between Riverside and Crazy at A.C.T. San Francisco

Going home: ‘Between Riverside and Crazy’ (Review)

A.C.T.'s season opener is one of the top 5 plays of 2015.