San Francisco International Film Festival (SFFILM)

Neither Heaven Nor Earth - Film Review

Haunting “Neither Heaven Nor Earth” not to be missed

While on a mission in Afghanistan, a French captain's men begin to disappear. Clément Cogitore's war mystery features a thoughtful script, and brilliant performance by Jeremie Renier.
Zero Days - Film Review

Zero Days: There are no rules of engagement for cyber weapons

As you watch Alex Gibney's latest documentary, prepare to be transported, just as you were with 'Inside Job' narrated by Matt Damon in 2010.

Thomas Biedegain’s ‘Les Cowboys’ rewards viewer (Review)

Ambitious French film features a working-class family in rural France experiencing great trauma.
Maggie's Plan Film Review - San Francisco International Film Festival

Romantic comedy ‘Maggie’s Plan’ a surprise highlight at SFIFF (Review)

A surprise highlight of the 59th San Francisco International Film Festival, Maggie’s Plan provides an intriguing take on romantic comedies. Single and hearing her biological time clock ticking, college administrator Maggie looks for a sperm donor. Walking through the park on a sunny day, she confers with Tony, her...

SFIFF Standout Cinema: ‘Neither Heaven Nor Earth’ and ‘Les Cowboys’

The 59th edition of the San Francisco International Film Festival wrapped earlier this month, and, once again, did not disappoint, bringing to the big screen international, indie, and cultural gems. Jeanne Powell attended SFIFF and highlights a few of her favorite films. Look for full reviews and more from SFIFF...

Stark Insider TV: Gia Coppola brings teen nihilism to big screen thanks to James Franco (Video)

First time director Gia Coppola (PALO ALTO) sits down with Stark Insider to talk about meeting James Franco at a deli, the willingness to fail and ... cheeseburgers.

Gia Coppola and PALO ALTO

Gia Coppola sat down with Loni Stark to talk about making films, working with James Franco, and the seduction that is the In-N-Out cheeseburger.

San Francisco Weekend: Wrong’s What I Do Best, The Suit, Du Barry Was a Lady, SFIFF, Off the Grid

Some of our favorite things to do in San Francisco this weekend including SFIFF premiere LAST WEEKEND, Off the Grid food truck nirvana at Fort Masaon, and more

San Francisco Street Walk, ‘Palo Alto’ SFIFF screening (Video)

Scene in San Francisco, post SFIFF screening of Gia Coppola's PALO ALTO.

Film Watch: ‘Palo Alto’ at SFIFF

'Palo Alto', the film, offers a (significantly) different perspective on life here in Silicon Valley, then, say, the HBO satire 'Silicon Valley'.