Road to a Million YouTube Views

Road to a Million Views: Get in, Get out

We always go into a shoot with a decent idea of how the final product will look. I like to ask myself: What people do we need to interview? What fill shots will I need for post? What will make this video look different than everyone else?

Road to a Million YouTube Views: You love Cirque

There's little doubt that powerful, well recognized brands such as Cirque du Soleil, and well recognized celebrities such as James Franco, Ed Norton and Robin Williams can help drive views. It's worked for us on Stark Insider TV.

What’s the ideal length for a YouTube video?

Stark Insider TV is closing in on 1 million YouTube views (eta: this summer) and we're celebrating by publishing a weekly piece on our experience -- good and bad -- with video on the web.

Road to a Million Views

Discussing the ins and outs of building a YouTube business as Stark Insider TV approaches 1 million views. "Keep in mind just that silly 5 minute clip alone earns us $15 per month. I'm not about to retire on that anytime soon."