Road to a Million YouTube Views

Top 10 YouTube trends for 2016

Once upon a time YouTube was all about the cat video.While there's still plenty of content starring cute, cuddly and quirky pets (and people), in 2016 YouTube is about a whole lot more.I've been following YouTube, and online video in general, since we started posting Stark Insider videos to...

Quick tip for dramatically increasing video views on YouTube

The Lady Gaga of makeup videos appears to be someone named Michelle Phan. Her YouTube channel has over 5.8 million views.

Road to a Million YouTube Views: Beginning and end of your video are critical

Think like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross: Attention - Do I have your attention?

Road to a Million Views – Running to Stand Still

Fortunately we made the decision in 2009 to invest heavily (mostly time-wise) in video. Verizon says that about half of its mobile data is video-based. Online video increased about 300% y/y.

Road to a Million Views: The Gear (DSLR Video Guide)

Jumping into DSLR? Here's a list of gear that can you get started, and on the way to a million views on YouTube.

Road to a Million Views: Clint’s Monster Video Editing Computer Build

When it comes to video editing--especially with today's HD formats--it seems as if no amount of computing horsepower is ever enough.

Road to a Million Views: YouTube’s reach can’t be beat

When Google paid $1.65 billion in stock for YouTube in 2006 I suspected a movement was afoot. Soon thereafter other services such as Netflix and Hulu would cause a generation to "cut the cord."

Road to a Million Views: Reputation is everything

A thick skin is required in this business. I've learned that though it matters to me what others think about what we produce, in the end I need to take it all -- the good and the bad -- with a grain of salt.

Road to a Million Views: Forget about perfection

Behind every "overnight" success I'm betting you'll find, depending on the medium, 20 unsold novels, 200 songs that never made it to any chart, and 2000 barrels of sweat.

Road to a Million Views: Tips for naming your YouTube video

As I've discovered over the last three years or so, the difference between naming your video poorly or well can have a significant impact on the number of views it receives.