RED (Red Digital Cinema Camera Company)

Stark Insider Road to RED Raven: It all starts with a handle

I have the handle. Now all I need is the camera.But this isn't just any ordinary camera handle. No, that's because it's designed and engineered for a RED camera. That means a few things.For one, it must, by law of the land of RED, have a wild name. So: "DSMC2 Outrigger...
Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K

Blackmagic cuts key feature, finally ships URSA Mini 4.6K cinema camera — on day of RED

Camera manufacturer faced classic tech marketing decision: ship partially complete product today and generate revenue, or engineer it further to meet original specifications, but risk further damaging customer loyalty.
Canon ESO Rebel T6 specs, announcement vs 70D and 80D

DSLR News: Canon intros EOS Rebel T6, ships April – Should you buy?

Canon continues its attack on the DSLR market in early 2016 -- though those lusting for 4K! may want to avert their eyes.The big news earlier was the EOS 80D announcement, a mid-range option for video shooters attracted to the camera's nifty Dual Pixel auto-focus system (which no competitor...
Red Raven Cost and Thoughts

RED Raven and Stark Insider: The Cost of RED

When I think of RED, the camera company, there are several thoughts that come to mind. Lust, is one. Cinematic, another. But historically, the first thing that pops up when I hear or see the valhalla cinema camera brand known as RED is: out of my price range. Queue...