Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra

Only The Best: The Nights of Madrid

Leave it to a group focused upon historically informed Baroque music – the same stuff that could be voted most likely to be museum pieces – to develop a concert format for the 21st century.

Juditha Triumphans a Triumph

LaBelle could sing ASCII code and still make you weak in the knees. Genaux could do the same, all the while convincing you that the most heart-rending drama just taken place.

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra brings an evening of CPE Bach

CPE’s Concerto for Fortepiano and Harpsichord in E♭ Major (Wq47) is a gloriously fun piece, that alternates bird call with scalar passages in a delightful call-and-answer. Together Levin and Cheung milked it for all it was worth.

Stage Picks: HIR at Magic, Gidion’s Knot at Aurora, Threepenny Opera at SJ Stage, PBO at Bing

San Jose Stage (the company that never says never) brings the iconic musical 'The Threepenny Opera' to life as part of its 31st season.

Just in time for Christmas: Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra at Cal Performances

It’s one thing to sing high and entirely another to sing warm; Carter delivered perfectly, introducing just the right amount of vibrato to this intensely emotional air. He was aided by the violin section, which brought an edgy tension to this air.

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra: Pergolesi in Naples

A deliciously punky Cleopatra, Sampson was clearly in her element, with a confidence and panache that could wow any Marc Antony.

Astonished and Amazed: Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra at the Bing

Grabbing a glass of wine and bite of cheese in their café and sitting on one of the long benches, strategically curved so as to provide an intimate moment, made me deliciously happy. By comparison, Davies Symphony Hall makes you feel as if you're in an airport.

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra’s season opener ‘Dioclesian’ is a musical cornucopia

This brilliantly colorful and lithe piece packs in everything from stately processional music, insouciant simpering, country dances, quartets and all-out chorale gut-busters.

PBO closes season with a feast

Ever the coquette, she “sigh’d and look’d, sigh’d and looked, sigh'd and looked and sigh'd again.”
Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra

All Things English: Richard Egarr and the Philharmonia Baroque

In the hands of Egarr Richard, the harpsichord becomes variously percussive, mournful, exuberant – all the while pushing the music forward.