Pebble Time Review

Pebble doubles down on fitness tracking with latest update

Fitbit is still the king of fitness wearables, but Pebble has been slowly, but surely inching its way up the health monitoring food chain. Today, the Palo Alto-based start-up announced an update to its software that helps users get more useful fitness data to their wrists. And hopefully, in...
Pebble Health app - step and sleep tracking

Pebble introduces new Health app (Hands-on)

Company targets fitness trackers like FitBit in effort to steal away some holiday sales.
Apple Watch sales report

Apple Watch Sales: Not so bad after all (3.9 million units/Q3)

Is it a hit or not?Apple isn't saying. The company has been uncharacteristically mum on the subject of Apple Watch sales. You'd think that if they were going gangbusters CEO Tim Cook would be the first to say so. It would be the first slide at the company's next...
Moto 360 Android Wear

Moto 360 v2 ranked top Android Wear smartwatch (but Apple beats all)

Heading into the Black Friday shopping season (which seems to start sooner each passing year), the gen2 Moto 360 appears to be the most-wanted Android Wear smartwatch.Analyst firm Argus Insights has published a "State of Wearables" report for Black Friday 2015, and ranked smartwatches based on demand:To no one's...
Samsung Gear S2 Review and Smartwatch Comparison

Verdict: Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

Wrist Wars II. Is the Samsung Gear S2 an Apple Watch killer? Review, plus comparison to Pebble Time, and Android Wear.