Chocolate making class in Paris.

A chocolate reverie in Paris

Suddenly my itinerary which included a visit to Musée d'Orsay, a cabaret at the Moulin Rouge, and some Parisian cuisine seemed like an incomplete masterpiece without a day in front of a stove.
Louvre Paris Saturday Morning

Louvre Museum, Paris: What is beauty?

Flash! And there is was, a slightly blurred image of Nike of Samothrace.

Bercy Café, Paris: A gastronomic feast from breakfast to lunch

Paired with the pure, unadulterated butter, the combination made we think I was simultaneously in heaven and hell.

Café des Musées, Paris: Smoked duck, hazelnut and fig salad that is out of this world

One of the most memorable and favorite meals I had on a recent trip to Paris was at Café des Musées.A local colleague of mine offers to take me around Paris on a Sunday. After meeting in the morning and strolling around the streets of Paris while I try...

La Table de Lauriston, Paris: Classic french cuisine, unpretentious and sublime

For my main course, I decided to order the Coquilles Saint-Jacques avec risotto reggiano (scallops and risotto).

Cafe Massena, Paris: Savoring a moment to enjoy a latte

On a busy day in Paris between meetings, I was able to find a moment of relaxation when I decided to rest at Cafe Massena having arrived a few minutes early for my next appointment. I wasn't expecting much as I gratefully let my shoulders sink into a...

Moulin Rouge: Life in Paris is a cabaret

After arriving in Paris on a Friday morning and spending the day in meetings, I decided the only way to cap off the day would be to do something fun and truly Parisian. One simple answer: Moulin Rouge.I am sure the place with its distinctive windmill and red neon...

Eiffel Tower, Paris: A visit to the icon of romance

Of all the beautiful sights, sounds and tastes of Paris, it is the Eiffel Tower that has stood out as its most prominent symbol. It was the tallest building from its inception, as the entry way for the 1889 World's Fair, until 1930 when the Chrysler building in New...

Paris Morning: Indulging in chocolates

Sunday morning in Paris was a truly indulgent experience.I had spent the previous day making and sampling chocolates at a course taught by Mélanie Dupuis, Chef pâtissière at L'Atelier des Sens. As with almost all cooking classes, I departed after three hours of true immersion of the senses with...

Devouring Paris: One croissant, one cabaret, and one masterpiece at a time

Paris: one weekend, five senses and unlimited possibilities. This trip to Europe was a densely packed macaroon of business and pleasure. I'll share more photos and stories of each of these adventures. For now, let's quickly recap the weekend that was an intense blur of intoxicatingly decadent food, magnificently...