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Something Rotten Tour Review - San Francisco SHN Orpheum

Something Rotten! proves a fresh musical parody

There’s nothing serious or meaningful about Something Rotten!. Still, if you know the lullaby of Broadway and brush up your Shakespeare, it’s sure to make you laugh.
Cinderella - SHN San Francisco Review

Cinderella‘s magic survives a rewrite

Watching a made-for-television Cinderella by Rogers and Hammerstein is an important part of growing up in a musical theater-loving family. I’ve wasted evenings debating the merits of Julie Andrews (1957), Lesley Ann Warren (1965), and Brandy Norwood (1997) in the title role. Incredibly, despite its place in the canon,...

Wicked defies gravity, as usual

The national tour of Wicked couldn’t possibly be less than fabulous. Stephen Schwartz’s score combines the infuriatingly catchy with the beautifully lyrical. His clever lyrics provoke laughs with their well-rhymed mix of real SAT vocabulary words and made-up imitations (confusifying, disgusticified). The whole plot—based on Gregory Maguire’s novel of...
Andrew Basso - The Escapologist

At the Orpheum: The Illusionists (Review)

The Orpheum has a history of big lunacy, undoubtedly bearing psychedelic traces that permanently alter the chemistry of the ceiling ornaments so that 'The Illusionists' fit right, in ways that just don’t work in a San Jose venue.
Jersey Boys - San Francisco Review

‘Jersey Boys’ and those Jersey contradictions

“Jersey Boys” gets that part right – gets part of that whole New Jersey thing - in a way that seems unimaginable. Wow… New Jersey. Shudder and Shake.

The Phantom of the Opera: BTS with Chris Mann (Video)

Chris Mann is The Phantom, and Stark Insider has an inside look at the epic Broadway show making its way across the country.Perhaps no Broadway show in history has impacted audiences the world over as dramatically as The Phantom of the Opera. Lavish sets. Gorgeous costumes. That classic Andrew...

BTS Preview: ‘The Lion King’ with Rafiki (Video)

Can you feel the love tonight?For Broadway fans in Silicon Valley, the answer would be a resounding Y-E-S.Ever popular Phantom of the Opera is now playing in San Francisco. And next week, another epic Broadway hit, The Lion King, opens at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts.If you haven't...

Broadway Backstage: ‘Matilda the Musical’ at SHN Orpheum (Video)

"It is a full, physical workout, this show."It takes actor Bryce Ryness only about 15 minutes to transform -- warts and all -- into that most likable of an evil headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. But, removing all that makeup, glue, and effect pieces, well... that takes considerably longer.Perhaps most impressive...
Matilda National Tour - Review

‘Matilda’ musical dazzles at the Orpheum (Review)

Outstanding performances, vocals, and choreography. 'Matilda' is a fine example of intelligent story-telling and the inspiration that live theater can deliver.

Review: Mike Tyson ‘Undisputed Truth’ earns a decision

In 'Undisputed Truth', Mike Tyson tells us he doesn't want to fade away. That his legacy matters to him. But he had burned too many bridges, beaten up too many people (Mitch!), kicked his way to the front of too many Burger King lines to earn even a smidgen of a break.