Nexus 6

Trendspotting: Are slow iPhone X sales and Samsung’s struggling mobile business a canary in a coal mine for smartphone sales?

Because my 3-year-old Motorola Nexus 6 does the job just fine and doesn't require a second mortgage to buy.
LG Nexus 5X and Project Fi Hands-On Experience

Day 1: Google’s Project Fi and Nexus 5X (Hands-On)

Once again, Google throws out the playbook. With Project Fi our favorite tech Gods have created a virtual network, sitting on top of T-Mobile and Sprint. How good is the new cell service? And will it make you want to switch?
Project Fi deal for $199 LG Nexus 5X phone

Google opens up Project Fi cell service – worth switching from T-Mobile?

Invites are so passé -- thankfully.First, OnePlus dropped their (annoying) invite-only system for its well-made, innovative Android handsets.Now, Google is allowing anyone, even us unwashed masses without special invites, to sign-up for its growing cellphone service known as Project Fi.To sweeten the Fi deal, Google is offering the LG Nexus 5X...
Google Nexus 6

Google: Please give Nexus devices removable storage!

For the love of portable movie and music collections everywhere, just do it... pretty please.
Nexus 6 - Best Android Smartphone of 2015

Best of Android 2015: Top smartphone

When best doesn't necessarily mean best specs.
Android 6.0 Marshmallow - What's new and download links

How to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow right now

It's Marshmallow day. And that can mean only one thing: a stampede to Google's Android images pages. There us eager early adopters can find links to download Android 6.0, aka "Marshmallow."Long-time Nexus users know the drill. Those new to Nexus should follow these instructions before attempting to upgrade your phone...

Top 5: Best unlocked Android smartphone deals

Welcome to unlocked Android la la land.