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Next Issue for iPad adds Details, Cosmopolitan, Road & Track, Oprah Magazine – now offers 72 titles

With all of the hardware announcements this month -- Kindle HD, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC Windows Phone 8S and 8X, Apple iPhone 5 -- it's great to see some news on the content front.

In Search of Digital Wine Magazines (and is Decanter really more expensive on iPad?)

When it comes to wine magazines/content, here's my initial wine hit list: Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Advocate, Sommelier Journal, and Decanter. But which are the best digital options?

How to Install Flipboard on Android

Here's how to download and install the amazing Flipboard app for Android.

Independent publishing in San Francisco suffers blow

One thing that becomes readily apparent is that theater, arts, culture coverage is one of the most difficult (possibly eternally impossible?) beats to achieve return on investment.

App of the Day: Pocket for iPad, Android

If you're like me and hyper read - skimming headlines relentlessly, jumping from Vanity Fair to the New York Times, and then into techdom, catching up on the latest on Mashable, VentureBeat, The Verge - then you've probably already heard of Read it Later.

5 Questions: On digital news junkies, curation with Ongo CEO Alex Kazim

"There's definitely room for constant perspective service, whether it's the Huffington Post or the Drudge Report — it's just human nature that we flock to things that are like-minded."

‘Next Issue’ for Android not quite a smoky brat!

First: SEX still sells (and apparently always will). Second: No one looks human anymore - we are living in the world of Photoshopped Avatars. And third: Where's Playboy magazine?
PressReader Hands-On

PressReader app delivers the news, eliminates ink smudges (Review)

PressReader won't replace apps like News360, Flipboard or Pulse, nor is it intended to do so. Instead, it's intended to duplicate the newspaper reading experience for the tablet age. And, for that, it's perfect.
Mobiles Republic

Mobile World Congress: Mobiles Republic plans to release Ice Cream Sandwich product

Collectively News Republic, APPY Geek and Glam Life logged over 100 million page views in January 2012. That should tell us something about our thirst for news, RSS, and blog content, not to mention the prospects for the mobile ad market.
News Republic - Lenovo Tablet

News Republic app to ship with Lenovo tablets

News app from Mobiles Republic to be preloaded on 4 new Lenovo Android models.