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Fight for the Mic: Google Android event set for Oct. 29, same day as Microsoft Windows Phone 8 launch

Windows Phone 8 will be lauched by Microsoft on Oct 29, and--just hours ago--we learned that Google will use the same date to make an Android-related announcement. Call it the Mobile Reboot (Microsoft) vs. the Mobile Incumbent (Google) vs. the Mobile Darling (Apple).

Updated Google Nexus reportedly made by HTC, features 5-inch display

The 5-inch display on the HTC Google Nexus 5 would put the new flagship Android in the so-called "phablet" category- a device with a screen big enough to slot in between a small tablet (at 7-inches) and a standard smartphone (typically at 4- to 4.65-inches).

HTC made 3 key mistakes – ceding Android race to Samsung, Motorola

Camp Android increasingly looks like a two horse race: Samsung vs. Motorola. I'm guessing that Google's mobility division is reluctantly pleased that team Samsung is venturing daily into those San Jose courtrooms.

Verizon Nexus discounted, but 7 reasons why you should go unlocked GSM

7 reasons why the unlocked GSM Nexus is the cat's meow, the darling of darlings. Go Jelly Bean, say I, and don't look back. Are you with me?!

Android Dilemma: Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Nexus?

Google's demo of Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean - at I/O 2012 was awesome. Android has turned the corner, and the gap between it and iOS has disappeared.

Jelly Bean coming to Samsung Galaxy S III in Q4 2012?

For now, I'm leaving my S III 32GB pre-order intact; TouchWiz be damned. That could change over the weekend to Nexus. I want Jelly Bean!

How to get Jelly Bean: Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy Nexus

So while S III users will have hardware bragging rights, Nexus owners will have software bragging rights. Which matters most to you?

Android Dilemma: Samsung Galaxy S III or Motorola RAZR HD?

But -- and this is a Big But -- here's the rub: I immediately upgraded to the S III before Verizon decided to pull the plug on grandfathered unlimited data plans.

Samsung Galaxy S III: Verizon unlimited data plans grandfathered for existing customers

If you're an existing Verizon Wireless customer I've discovered you needn't worry about losing your unlimited data plan.
Android 4

Hands-on: Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II runs ICS smoothly. In fact, brilliantly well. Actions are fast. In my hands-on testing I experienced no lag, stutter or issues that would want me to return to Gingerbread.