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Pebble Core - Amazon Alexa voice recognition announcement

Pebble teams with Amazon, adds Alexa voice search to new wearable (Analysis)

"Alexa, ask Pebble how the Kickstarter campaign is doing."Another savvy move by Pebble.Today, the Redwood City wearable maker announced its upcoming Pebble Core wearable will feature Amazon's Alexa voice search assistant. This means you could use a voice command while you're running, for instance, to play a song. Or ask any...
Pebble Smart Bands

Pebble announcement – new fitness tracker, smart bands, updated display?

Update: Well, wow. Pebble went to town: 3 new smartwatches, including the heart-rate enabled Pebble 2, and Pebble Time 2, plus Pebble Core, an "ultra-wearable." And, Pebble also announced a new Kickstarter campaign. Get backing Pebblers!A fitness tracker?Smart bands of some sort?A sport edition of one of their existing smartwatches?Another Kickstarter campaign?Some kind of new...
What next for Android Wear?

Wear 2.0: Google’s smartwatch OS gets much-needed reboot

"Our biggest platform update yet."Well, how's that for amazing response time?!Yesterday, I lamented the need for a reboot of Google's smartwatch operating system Wear. And Apple's WatchOS. And Samsung's Tizen. And... on and on. Save for Pebble's OS. That one's a keeper, even if the company's long-term viability is a...
Wearable Vendors - IDC Report 2016

Trendspotting: Will slow smartwatch sales lead to inventory dumping?

Some are saying smartwatch sales, and the overall wearable market, have grown at a decent clip over the past twelve months.Fitbit reported 25% year-over-year growth. Xiaomi (a surprise to be sure) at 41%. Garmin 27%. Overall, shipments increased about 67% y/y.I'm admittedly a smartwatch nerd (ask my wife). But at...
LG G Watch, Samsung Gear S2, Pebble Time.

5 things the next Pebble smartwatch needs

Update 3.24.2016 - After today's news, seems like I need to make a major revision to this Pebble wish-list. Now at #1: Hoping Pebble, the company itself, can stick it out for the long run. By all accounts Pebble, a tiny smartwatch maker hanging amongst giants (Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Fitbit), had...
Moto 360 Android Wear

Moto 360 v2 ranked top Android Wear smartwatch (but Apple beats all)

Heading into the Black Friday shopping season (which seems to start sooner each passing year), the gen2 Moto 360 appears to be the most-wanted Android Wear smartwatch.Analyst firm Argus Insights has published a "State of Wearables" report for Black Friday 2015, and ranked smartwatches based on demand:To no one's...
Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time Round – Lots to like, but not the price

Charming style should attract the Swatch set. In the ultra-competitive entry level smartwatch market, that $249 starting price seems steep.
What's New Android Wear 2.0?

Android Wear smartwatches now work with Apple iPhone

This is a bit of a surprise announcement (though, we were tipped last week by an inadvertent reveal by Huawei). Google has announced today that Android Wear -- its smartwatch operating system -- will now work on the iPhone. Previously, to pair a Wear-based smartwatch you needed to have...

Watch: LG G Smartwatch Video Teases Design, But Not Much Else

LG released another teaser video for its upcoming "G Watch," another wearable based on Google's Android Wear platform.

Moto X + 1 Android Smartphone, a name only an engineer could love

Lenovo/Motorola Mobility will likely position the X + 1 as a friendly mid-range device. It could launch alongside the Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch this summer.