Loreto TV: Interview with Loreto Presidente Yuan Yee

Loni sits down for an in-depth discussion with Loreto mayor Yuan Yee.

Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico: Internado School (Video)

Thank you to everyone who supported the Internado School with a 2010 Loreto Calendar purchase.

Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico: Farmer’s Market (Video)

Sunday morning in Loreto, off to the Farmer's market to enjoy fresh fruit, and friendly people. in the middle of the Baja desert!

Gone in 60 Seconds: A Loreto, Baja adventure

7 days. In 60 seconds.

Bring on the Baja

Fall show preview #4: Loreto Live TV

Imagine a place where you can really-and I mean really-get away from it all. No Starbucks in sight. No Costco. Just towering mountains perched on top of a sparkling blue sea. Head just south of California, and you'll discover the Baja, a rugged landscape, largely untouched.Just a few hours by...

Loreto Live TV: Sampling desserts at La Mision along the Malecon

Strolling the Malecon in the beautiful town of Loreto is great fun. this episode Loni decides to stop in to La Mision Hotel for some late night dessert sampling. 

Loreto Live TV: Fresh Sushi at Makia in Loreto, Baja California Sur

Just off the Sea of Cortez, Loreto is a great place for fresh sushi. Loni inside one of the newer restaurants, Makia Sushi, where she enjoys a selection of rolls served by the owner, Pierre. 

Celebri! Italian food in Loreto at Restaurante Il Campanile

Italian food now in Loreto! Sure you can find plenty of tacos, burritos, sushi and fresh fish. But how about some pasta, ravioli, pizza and fresh home made deserts like apple pie?Loni caught up with the owner, Manuel O Cota, to discuss the new restaurant, doing business in Loreto,...

How many dolphins in this pod?

Here's a twist on the number of jelly beans in the jar guessing game.This time try to guess the number of dolphins in this glorious pod of stunning, joyful dolphins dancing across the Sea of Cortez. It is a sight to behold! I only wish we had some better...