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Social Media Use Continues to Rise Across San Francisco Venues

Why are sports writers and political pundits able to stir up active online debate whereas their counterparts in theater cannot?

San Francisco: Witness a completely improvised murder mystery

You -- that innocent of innocent audience member -- will, of course, have the honor of choosing the murder weapon and the scene of the crime.

Stones don’t bite in ‘Any Given Day’

This is the great Jim Carpenter's first time on the Magic stage, and those that follow Bay Area theater know he's a stalwart icon. For that alone, this production is not to be missed.

SF Bay Area theaters see 12.5% monthly increase in Twitter followers

Theaters with the largest growth in followers include SF Playhouse (23%) and Marin Theatre Company (53%).
San Francisco Theater review

Jesus in India, American Idiot style

Actors run around half-dressed, smoke weed, punk out, pour wine over their heads, make out. It might all sound insane -- and at times it approaches the threshold of what I'd consider mainstream storytelling -- if it weren't for the fact that it's so raw, entertaining.
Magic Theatre

San Francisco: Help Magic Theatre raise $100,000 by year end

Those that have been on the Bay Area theater scene longer than I know that Gods have tread upon its legendary stage including Sean Penn, Peter Coyote, Danny Glover, and Ed Harris.
A Christmas Carol

Bay Area Stages: Christmas Edition (plays you don’t want to miss!)

A round-up of some of the top holiday productions across the San Francisco Bay Area including A.C.T., Berkeley Rep, San Jose Rep, TheatreWorks, Magic Theatre, SJ Stage, and more.
Annapurna at Magic Theatre, San Francisco

Review: ‘Annapurna’ at Magic Theatre, San Francisco

All I could think was: Holy crap. Holy crap! Holy...crrrrrap!! Rod Gnapp is most assuredly, along with James Carpenter, one of the Bay Area's greatest, working stage actors.
Magic Theater is located at the Fort Mason center in San Francisco

Magic Theatre awarded $300,000 grant from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

For 44 years, Magic has contributed to the inventiveness and relevance of the national canon while passionately ensuring the future vibrancy of the American theatre.
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Magic Theatre announces world premiere of Sharr White’s ‘Annapurna’

After twenty years apart, Emma (played by Denise Cormier) tracks Ulysses (played by Rod Gnapp) to a trailer park in the middle of nowhere for a final reckoning.