Loreto Bay – Baja California Sur -Mexico

Loreto Bay, 6 years later

In the end, for those who were able to weather the storm of buying a home in a risky project such as the Villages of Loreto Bay, the dividends were significant, if not financial.
Loreto Bay Village Voice

Voices of Loreto: Drenched

Living in the Baja, we fully expect to have periods devoid of phones, Internet, or electricity. For the 3 million inhabitants spread over this skinny half-a-million-square mile peninsula, there are few modern conveniences.

Loreto, Baja California Sur: Fall Back—Waaaay Back

Surprisingly, in the villages of Loreto Bay in Baja California Sur, Mexico, word-of-mouth is almost as fast as email, Twitter and Facebook.

House Hunters International Baja Bound Again – Filming in Loreto Bay, Mexico

HGTV was last here about four years ago, when they shot "Baja Bound," featuring the Brown family from Carlsbad who were looking for a home by the bay. The exposure on the show House Hunters International is helpful for generating interest in the area, and driving tourism.

Spectacular sighting of Orca whale from Loreto, Baja California Sur

From what I've read, orca prey typically on salmon, herring and tuna. They're also known to hunt in packs and have earned the nicknamed "wolves of the sea."

Baja Bound: Inside the Loreto Food and Wine Festival (Video)

We're Baja bound. Six years and one builder bankruptcy later, the Loreto Bay resort is finally taking flight. Team Stark heads to Baja California Sur to film the first ever Loreto Food and Wine Festival.
Loreto Bay nature video

Baby Hummingbirds (video)

A mom and her two baby hummingbirds in a nest in Loreto Bay. Shot with a Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera and 18-200mm lens.
How to add house numbers

Crazy Baja Living: Installing house numbers (Photos)

Tradition says you put your lot number on your Loreto Bay casa yourself. Good karma follows good mortar.
Loreto, Baja California Sur

Hummingbird Nest with Eggs (in Photos)

Sure enough, when I brought the 60D back inside, there was a layer of dirt all over the casing, on the lens. A momentary bit of shock ensues, but I always smile to myself because the risk is totally worth it.
Show with Canon EOS 60D DSLR

Baja Sunset – Canon EOS 60D Time-lapse (Video)

Because I'm on the road and away from the i7/Premiere Pro studio I grudgingly had to use iMovie on my MBP 13 to cut the thing together. This, as many will know, is an exercise in futility. iMovie brings the Mac to its knees.