Loreto Bay – Baja California Sur -Mexico

Taking in the scene at Loreto Bay - November 2018

Wanderlust: Loreto Bay? More like a booming Canadian Baja enclave (Update with Photos)

As I was walking the Paseo yesterday with Loni Stark something struck me as I checked out the vehicles parked alongside the various shops and businesses lining the main road in Loreto Bay. That's a lot of Canadian license plates, I thought. We were strolling back to our little...
Canon EOS R - Is 4K crop really that bad?

Canon EOS R: Is 4K 1.7x crop really that bad for shooting video?

Canon made big news this month with the unveiling of a new camera. But it wasn't just any old camera.For the first time ever, Canon has brought a full-frame mirrorless camera to market.It's called the EOS R ("Revolution") and the body costs $2,299 (USD).Those new to the full-frame mirrorless...

Stark Baja Dailies: Baja Drive (Video)

Baja Highway 1. Loreto Farmer's Market. Scenes from Loreto Bay. And breakfast at town favorite Orlando's.That's the check-list from today's edition of the Stark Baja Dailies -- the series where I share some of the outtakes from footage we're shooting in Baja Sur, Mexico with a Canon C1oo Mark...

Stark Baja Dailies: Wild Blood (Video)

Worst case scenario: Loni and/or I would get bit by a rattlesnake and die on the Loreto Bay golf course, gasping for our last breath, "It was perfect".Or, in the best case: we'd capture more Canon C100 footage during the golden hour.Fortunately we did survive -- managing to fill up a...

Stark Baja Dailies: Nightwalk Loreto (Video)

More footage to share from Loreto, Baja here in Mexico. We're here shooting video segments for Stark Insider. After so many years coming down to the Baja this time I brought a Canon C100 cinema camera. So far it's been amazing, especially the dynamic range. Pushing it in post...

Stark Baja Dailies: The Red Dress & Craft Beer (Video)

Shooting with a Canon C100 II cinema camera in Baja California Sur.

Stark Baja Dailies: Inside a Loreto Bay casa (Video)

Sunscreen. Good shoes. And... a camera.As I've discovered that's the travel trifecta when visiting the Baja. Indeed, the sun shines incredibly bright here. Beautifully so, streaming during the golden hour across the dramatic, stunning Sierra de la Giganta mountain range. Hitting my daily step goal is not an issue...

Return to Loreto Bay: Video gallery featuring sights of Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Gallery of popular Stark Insider videos of Loreto and Loreto Bay shot in Baja California Sur, Mexico: the Malecon, farmer's market, Sea of Cortez, downtown shops, restaurants, and more. Get to know the hidden gem of the Baja known as Loreto.

Stark Insider TV: Exploring food, wine in Loreto, Baja, Mexico (Video)

We bought a little casa in the resort of Loreto Bay in 2006. The ensuing years would bring historical discovery, new-found friendships, and an appreciation for the ultimate fish tacos.

Short film “Morado” starring Loni Stark shot in Loreto, Baja (Video)

A chica. A church. And a scarf. Here's a sneak peek of my new short film "Morado" shot on location in Loreto, Baja California Sur. Te amo!