LG Nexus 4

Nexus 4 receives Android 4.3 build update

Google is teasing us. Whispering in our ears: Key Lime Pie. Key Lime Pie. You want it. You want it.

Nexus 4 to get mild upgrade (Galaxy S 4, HTC One looking even better now)

I'm looking to jump ship asap from the Nexus 4, and was hoping to see an X-Phone at I/O. Either that or GSM versions of the HTC One, or Galaxy S4.

What’s on my Android (70 Apps and Counting)

I'm really beginning to appreciate what Google is doing with 'Now.' Long press and swipe up on the home button on my Nexus 4 and I get a bunch of "cards" that eerily know what's on my mind.

Life after Nexus 4

I'd like to see a thinner profile for the next Nexus. Also, that glass back has to go. It makes the phone unnecessarily slippery. Place it on a countertop or smooth desk, and you're a short slide away from disaster.

Android 4.2.2 – What’s New (tested on Nexus 4)

I finally received the software update alert today on my Nexus 4 (an Android smartphone I'm lukewarm about, truth be told) and downloaded it via wi-fi el pronto. The process takes about five minutes, and includes a restart.

What, no more Android news?!

Is Google's Android OS maturing? We've heard rumors of Key Lime Pie, and Google's X Phone. There's some nice new handsets from Sony, and even Lenovo. But unlike last year, no BIG headlines.

What’s Nexus for Google Android?

Google, for the love of Siri please - please! - spend some quality time with folks who know a thing or two about selling direct to consumers - maybe headhunt someone from Amazon.

HTC M7 Photo Leaked (Bring it on!)

I'm ready to move on from the Nexus 4. Will the HTC M7 be my next?

Best Nexus 4 Alternatives (Android Smartphones Q1 2013)

Here's 4 Android smartphones that you can buy right now that are every bit as good (and in some ways better) than the Google Nexus 4.

Best Nexus 4 Cases

Here's three ways to protect your new Google Nexus 4. All are under $20, but I suspect none will make your uber Android look as beautiful as Elena Anaya.