Review: Next Issue for Windows 8

Now that Next Issue is available for Windows 8, find out how it compares to its Android and iOS peers.

What’s next for Apple?

In 2013 baby steps won't cut it. Lest Apple become a late '90s version of Microsoft, it needs to make bold moves.

How to stream YouTube videos to a TV using an iPhone, iPad

I paired an Apple iPad with a Sony PlayStation 3 and was able to stream YouTube videos in a matter of minutes. How were the results? Read on to find out.

Tech News Today: Galaxy Nexus LTE Update, Apple iTunes U, Samsung beefs up Android

Nicknamed "Knox" (as in the fort that Goldfinger busted into), Samsung's new security software was released this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Apple iOS devices dominate the enterprise

In total, according to Good, iOS devices combined for 71% of all activations in the quarter, with Android smartphones trailing significantly at 21%.

Year of the Incredible Shrinking Bezel

Bezels continue to shrink. Witness the Droid DNA and Sony's upcoming Xperia Android phones. Just imagine how cool the iPad 6 or 7 is going to look sans bezel.

Tablets Outpace Smartphones

As new users unwrapped their new tablets from Santa, throughout the day app downloads measured a remarkable 20 million downloads per hour. By day's end, over 328 million apps had been downloaded.

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to start at $899

The Surface Pro could face serious competition from the MacBook Air, which can be configured with similar specs for about the same price. However, I've decided my next laptop should be touch-enabled.

Next Issue iPad app adds 8 new titles including ESPN, Fast Company, Food & Wine

We recommend the iPad version (4.5 out of 5 stars) of Next Issue. Not only will you get a larger selection of magazines, you'll also get faster downloads and smoother overall performance.

Amazon starts selling 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD

While Amazon is going larger with the Fire HD, Apple thought small when it unveiled the iPad Mini ($329). Google, meanwhile, has been broadening its Nexus portfolio of mobile devices, unveiling a line-up featuring 4.7- ($299), 7- ($199), and 10-inch ($399) displays.