Apple iOS in Decline: This chart says it all

Is Apple dead? No. But you've got to wonder if there's another hit in them. Just how bad are they strugglling. This chart will tell you in 10 seconds.

Mobile App of the Week: News Republic for iOS, Android

One of our favorite news readers gets even better.

Beat’s So Lonely: Beats Music on Android

Hands-on the Android version of Beats Music, the new $9.99 streaming music service by Dre. Can it dethrone Spotify and Google All Access?

For Microsoft it’s Vista Deja Vu all over again

Perception is everything. Once consumers get a bad taste in their mouths about a particular brand then the task to restore trust and confidence is monumental.

Google’s Android on top with developers (But not by much…)

Apple still pulls in more revenue daily from apps (5x more than Android), but mindshare appears to be shifting. In 2014 will Android pull even further ahead with developers?

It’s Umoove

The game itself is forgettable. As a demo for what's possible with mobile motion control, however, Umoove should easily elicit wowza type reactions.

Yahoo Gets it Right with News Digest App (Review)

Marissa Meyer demonstrates she knows mobile. It might be a small step, but the News Digest app helps keep the Yahoo brand on our mobile devices, and front of mind.

Google Play Newsstand needs subscription model

I subscribe to Next Issue because it gives me access to a ton of magazines that I can read on my tablet without having to buy each issue individually. Why doesn't Google offer the same?

Are refreshed MacBooks, iPads enough for Apple?

Though I'm quite fond of the Surface, and Dell's Venue 8 Pro, there's no denying that the single best tablet on the market today is the iPad Mini. Hands down. Brilliant. Especially at the new price point of $299.

This is the new, flat Google logo

Comparing Android on my Nexus 4 side-by-side with iOS 7 on my iPad Mini, I began to understand why Apple faces the more monumental job in giving its OS design a refresh.