Apple to host virtual Worldwide Developers Conference beginning June 22

Apple to host its developer conference virtually beginning June 22

The Show Must Go On: Unlike Google's completely cancelled I/O conference Apple's WWDC will happen in 2020.

Google Glass doesn’t need a Google Glass killer, but Sony tries anyways

Google Glass flopped. But that hasn't stopped Sony from taking a (misguided) swing at the wearable market. SmartEyeglass retails for $849, but I don't think they could give these monstrosities away for free.

Trendspotting: iPad growth slows, Apple shareholders unfazed

Research firm IDC says that YoY sales of iPads will fall by just under 13%. Will new products such as the iPhone 6 Plus and upcoming Apple Watch save the day?

Pandora top music app on Google Play and iTunes

Beats Music trails when it comes to downloads, but pulls in the money. Meanwhile, where is the Google Play Music app?

Thin is Still In: Apple iPad Air 2 Specs

Whereas Apple's iPhone 6 reveal was revolutionary expect the iPad Air 2 to be more subdued, incremental: 0.5mm thinner, laminated display, upgraded specs are expected.

HTC and Nexus 9? This could be good

Google looks to re-energize tablet sales by turning to design ace HTC. But will larger phones conspire to reduce our need for tablets?

Try as it might, Microsoft once again goes head-to-head against Apple (Surface Video)

Microsoft Surface 3 vs. MacBook Air. The problem I have with this kind of advertising is primarily that it resorts to negativity. You can't do that. I can! You can't do this. I can!

Apple could delay large screen iPhone until 2015

If Apple can't deliver a large 5.5-inch iPhone before the holiday season it could be, if not a big blow, at least a crimp in Q4 sales.

Google I/O: Android powers over 60% of all tablets

Google head of mobile Sundar Pichai revealed that Android market share on tablets has jumped from 39% in 2012 to 62% in 2014.

Trendspotting: Android tablets #1 in 2013

As a whole, the tablet market grew 68% suggesting that the category continues to have legs.