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Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone now available in black, brown (Verizon)

Samsung Galaxy S III features include a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED Display, 1.5 Ghz Dual-Core Processor, 2GB Ram, S-Voice (Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri), Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (an upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is expected soon) and an 8MP Camera.

Jelly Bean coming to Samsung Galaxy S III in Q4 2012?

For now, I'm leaving my S III 32GB pre-order intact; TouchWiz be damned. That could change over the weekend to Nexus. I want Jelly Bean!
Samsung Galaxy S II

Cheat Sheet: How to install Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Galaxy S II

A guide for installing Android Ice Cream Sandwich on your unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) in under 30 minutes.
Samsung Galaxy S II

Hands-on Google Voice, visual voicemail for Ice Cream Sandwich (sweet)

Google Voice is a must-have app, and now it's even better. If you're thinking of upgrading to ICS, you just gone one more non-Roboto reason to do so asap
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Next version of Android – aka Jelly Bean – coming sooner than you think

Android 5 is rumored for Q3. Just as ICS finally lands on devices by Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others -- boom! -- the upgrade wait begins anew. Oh, the irony.
Samsung Galaxy S2

Android Upgrade Dilemma: HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, Droid Fighter

Here are some of the hottest Androids that we should see land on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and/or T-Mobile over the next few months.
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Ice Cream Sandwich – Do consumers care?

Google will eventually need to find a better way. If consumers are stoked about a new OS, like they are with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.1 ("Siri, let's talk"), then it drives demand for the latest device that runs it.
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Hands-on: Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II runs ICS smoothly. In fact, brilliantly well. Actions are fast. In my hands-on testing I experienced no lag, stutter or issues that would want me to return to Gingerbread.
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Where in the world is Ice Cream Sandwich? (aka Hurry Up and Wait)

ICS was supposed to be the Android for the mainstream. For those that would otherwise run to a white iPhone 4S (with pink, jewel encrusted sleeve). But, then something happened: nothing.
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Samsung Galaxy S II to get Android Ice Cream Sandwich this month

Recently in our tests of the side-by-side with the Galaxy Nexus, we found that the S II held its own, and was able to open apps, browse, and generally function as fast as, and sometimes even faster then the newer model - specs be damned!