‘Please no squeeze’ white sapote

For those of you that are fruit fanatics, there is no purer form of eating soft-fleshed fruits than cutting them in half and scooping the contents out.
Macadamia nut cream pie

Macadamia cream pie like grandma use to make

The pie was everything I imagined a Macadamia cream pie to be. It didn't come on a fancy dish with elaborate embellishments. It was simple and wholesome.
Scandinavian Shave Ice Kona Hawaii

Kona Travel: Shave Ice Hawaiian-style (Video)

Often mistaken for "snow cones" or "slushies" I learned--with plenty of first hand experience!--that a true shave ice has the consistency of new-fallen snow, not the granular, crunchy ice you may see piled outside your local hockey rink.
Sansei Seafood Restaurant Sushi Bar Hawaii

Catching creative sushi in Hawaii

For a sushi lover, Hawaii is like sticking a gambling addict in a Las Vegas casino.
Mango Madness!

Mango Madness Hawaii!

Take 700 fruit trees. 19 varieties of Mango. Plus, throw in some Polynesian dancing, and what do you get? Sheer Mango Madness! The Big Island adventures continues. This time Loni checks out the ever popular--even famous some might say--South Kona Fruit Stand perched hillside overlooking scenic Captain Cook. I am...

The scoop on shave ice

"How is shave ice different than a slushy or snow cone? Or are they the same thing?" I asked the lady behind the counter.

Travel: Zip Line adventure in Hawaii

Tarzan, by comparison, looks so old fashioned. Who needs unreliable vines, when you can have a luxurious steel zip line running across a rainforest?

Fourth of July on the Big Island

Even Elvis showed up on Alii Drive for this year's Independence Day parade on the Big Island Hawaii.

Get cracking with Macadamia Nut recipes

If you pause a moment, your imagination may take flight with the possible ways you can incorporate Macadamia Nuts into new recipes and old favorites.

Ocean-side office with latte on the side

The lattes were deliciously creamy and I loved the latte art on top. It came in generously-sized, thick-rimmed, bowl-shaped, white cups.