Harlan Estate

Half of U.S. Wine Market Owned by 3 Companies

Combined, E&J Gallo Winery (22.8%), The Wine Group (15.9%) and Constellation Brands (12.8%) account for 51.5% of the market according to researchers.

Harlan and the Philosopher

Harlan Estate, like other luxury brands -- Porsche, BMW, Neiman Marcus, Four Seasons -- tantalize us with a lifestyle of possibility. But does it sell wine?
Heir to Robert Parker

In His Own Words: Antonio Galloni

When it comes to tasting wines, our mood (life sucks / life is great!), the environment (this is crappy weather / holy California sun!) and place (not Trader Joe's again / wow Harlan Estate!) make all the difference.
PNV12 - Stark Insider News

Napa wine auction raises $3.1 million, shatters record

Glamour cults such as Screaming Eagle, Scarecrow and Harlan Estate were not among the 200 lots up for auction, making way for others to grab the spotlight. For now, that could very well be Dana Estates. 5 cases of their 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley) sold for $70,000.

Minimalist wine marketing in action

First, they butter you up. Heed! Once you make a purchase you're slowly enshrined into the cult. You receive mysterious letters. They woo you with fine parchments, witticisms, pleasantries. Like the Da Vinci Code it'll require visits to Google and Wikipedia to decode the mystery.
007 Bond Wine

Bond, Wine Bond

The whole thing... well... shocking. Positively shocking.

Wine marketing: It’s not a cult winery, it’s “small artisanal” … just like Ferrari?

Welcome to wine marketing, the most mysterious black box of them all. Recently I wrote about Harlan Estate and their minimalist, high quality parchment paper approach to traditional mailings. This week I received another mailing, this time from another boutique winery, Blankiet Estate based in Yountville.For reasons I can't...

Harlan Estate wine marketing in action; when less is more?

Harlan Estate marketing sometimes reminds me of Porsche mailers. But without the fun gadgets; just a fancy envelope, slick fonts, and impressive card stock. This one arrived with an insert that reads:When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. -...

Rejection letter from Scarecrow Wines

Much to Clint's dismay, I have added my name to the waiting list of several wineries for the simple reason that their demand far outstrips their supply.The wines of Screaming Eagle, Harlan Estate and Scarecrow Wines to name a few. These wines are produced in such limited quantity that...