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An Act of God San Francisco Review

An apocalyptic ‘Act of God’ visits SHN Golden Gate (The Almighty Review)

Actor-comedian Sean Hayes delivers a swishy cross between Bill Buckley and Oprah.

San Francisco To Do: Off the Grid, An Act of God, Dirty Dancing, Flavor Napa Valley

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."What's happening Bay Area? Turns out, a lot. A mind-boggling assortment of a lot.So to make your planning life -- and perhaps to appease Aristotle -- a little easier we've rounded up some...

Breaking News: An Act of God hits San Francisco

"Then I thought, 'Let me take a brief break from eternity, and devote the greater part of a week creating a universe. And, I dunno, kind of just see what happens.'"
If/Then Broadway Musical

SHN reveals line-up of Broadway musicals

“The homecoming of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical gives us all an opportunity to see how the production has developed since it first had its world premiere with SHN in 2013.”
HAIR Tour - San Francisco Golden Gate Theatre

Review: ‘Hair’ at Golden Gate Theatre, San Francisco

How interesting that the cycle renews. Many of the themes -- identity, freedom, rebellion -- are dominating today's headlines as the economy continues to struggle.
Blue Man Group plays the Golden Gate Theatre in May in San Francisco.

San Francisco: Blue Man Group to play Golden Gate Theatre in May

Although Blue Man Group has toured previously with its Megastar arena rock show, this marks the first theatrical production to tour North America. The theatrical tour features classic Blue Man moments as well as brand new content.