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Exit Theatre Fog City Magic Fest San Francisco

San Francisco: EXIT Theatre’s annual Fog City Magic Fest returns

Fans of magic, get ready for some of San Francisco's best.EXIT Theatre has announced its annual Fog City Magic Fest will run January 24-27, 2018.Festival co-founder Jay Alexander (The Marrakech Magic Theater) kicks things off with a performance at the opening night gala on Wednesday, January 24.Magicians and stars...
This Is My Brain On Drugs

Hanging at the Fringe: Not just white punks…

From the Fringe Festival in San Francisco.

An Interview with Joan Crawford

In a strange twist of vodka and make-up, the tables are turned and the interviewer becomes Joan Crawford while the woman behind the icon asks the really hard questions as she struggles to understand the truth behind her career and life.
EXIT Theatre San Francisco

San Francisco: Magician Christian Cagigal returns with show “that he can’t talk about”

Moreover, once the show opens, Cagigal and EXIT Theatre will be asking audience members and the press not to reveal a single thing that happens in order to maintain the surprise and mystery of the show.
Trevor Allen interview at Exit Theatre, San Francisco

Disneyland Exposed: Working for the Mouse (Video)

Turns out character actors at Disney face no shortage of groping, and sweating, not to mention a perpetual bombardment of questions and challenges... like "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
Playwright Trevor Allen and Poe

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Warning: Poe humor ahead.
A Most Notorious Woman - DIVAfest - San Francisco

ARRRRRG… A Most Notorious Woman

One could not help but be impressed with how effectively Augello uses the space around her, dipping behind a downstage sail to converse with another character, emerging from another with a slight costume change, and strutting upstage as a peeved Queen Elizabeth.
Cutting Ball - Lay Grey

Cutting Ball San Francisco: Experimental theatre at its best

Quirkly and self-referential, O’Hare can do more with her cheekbones than many actresses can do with the entire body.
Hobo Grunt Cycle

Review: A grunt in the direction of ‘Hobo Grunt Cycle’

Time and time again, the audience was confused as to what exactly was happening on stage.
SF Fringe Festival

SF Fringe Festival Covers Extremes of Asian-American Experience

Start with the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act that consigned immigrant families, often for years, to Angel Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Jump ahead 120-or-so years to a troupe of young Asian-Americans performing sketch comedy that consigns audiences to rolling in the aisles. The journey...