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And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little

If you enjoy theatre that is ripe with female energy, “Miss Reardon” is right up your alley, with at least five different types of female crazy.

Bay Area Stage: Priscilla, Goat Rodeo Sessions, Desert Cities, American Dream

What's happening around the San Francisco Bay Area including performances at SF Symphony, TheatreWorks, Aurora Theatre, SHN Orpheum, Cal Performances, Dragon Theatre.

Review: ‘After Ashley’ at the Dragon

As Ashley, Meredith Hagedorn is the veritable Everywoman. However, she’s not the sanitized Everywoman you get in freshman lit, but one who unravels even faster than she gets it together.

Bay Area theater openings

Openings at A.C.T., SHN Orpheum, Dragon Theatre, Magic Theatre, San Jose Stage Company, and The Ashby Stage in Berkeley.

Social Media Use Continues to Rise Across San Francisco Venues

Why are sports writers and political pundits able to stir up active online debate whereas their counterparts in theater cannot?

New Play Development Factory opens in Silicon Valley

After each performance, the playwrights will take what they heard during the reading, as well as audience feedback, and will further refine the piece for the following weekend’s reading.

SF Bay Area theaters see 12.5% monthly increase in Twitter followers

Theaters with the largest growth in followers include SF Playhouse (23%) and Marin Theatre Company (53%).
Palo Alto

An American Terrorist: ‘Cat’s-Paw’ features intense, unpredictable finale

Perhaps leaders of small radical organizations have the same issues as men of short stature, masking insecurity with bluster.

Review: Marvin’s Room

"My feelings for you are like a big bowl of fishhooks," she tells her offspring. "You can't pick out just one."

Bay Area Theater – Must-see shows

In 2009 we set out on a mission. Our goal was to fill the gap left by traditional media's cutback in local arts coverage. It all began with The Kite Runner at the SJ Rep.