Downtown Napa

Things to do Napa: Oxbow Public Market

On this day I was in sushi paradise.
Downtown Napa - The new Riverwalk beckons.

Downtown Napa: 10 things to see and do

Quick tip if you plan a trip: bring good walking shoes. Sunglasses too! You'll appreciate the fact that the town is walkable, and there's nothing better than burning off some of those Cabernet calories on the go.
Napa - Mayor Jill Techel

Interview: Napa Mayor on “living river”, art and … wine! (Video)

Like a lot of people, to me Napa was just another city that we'd pass through on our way to the wineries up further north along Highway 29. It was never a destination in itself. However, based on our three-day tour last week, that is changing rapidly.
Loni and the Morimoto Yellow Chair

In Napa: The Morimoto butter-yellow chair experience (Video)

If there's one thing I might know it's sushi. I seek it out at every opportunity. Sushi is one of those gifts of life, and it should be savored, celebrated and shared. Hamachi, I love you!