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Theater Review: Timon of Athens at Cutting Ball, San Francisco

Shakespeare’s obscure ‘Timon’ sears at Cutting Ball

Shakespeare completionists surely took note when Cutting Ball Theater announced Timon of Athens as part of their 2017–18 season. It’s a difficult one to check off your see-them-all list: a few dozen Hamlets and Macbeths get produced for every time someone is brave enough to mount this “problem play.”...
The Mineola Twins Review -Cutting Ball Theater, San Francisco

Twin Trouble on Taylor

The Mineola Twins at Cutting Ball Theater opens with thunder and lightning. The intensity continues unabated throughout the show. Paula Vogel’s play follows a pair of small-town twins as they navigate the trials of sex, potential nuclear war, marriage, electroshock therapy, parenthood, and violent crime. Myra and Myrna have...

An icy Phèdre at Cutting Ball Theater

Logical holes undercut the coherence of the plot.

A mesmerizing mermaid tale at Cutting Ball Theater

Ilana Walder-Biesanz reviews the World Premiere of a new play by Katharine Sherman about Ondine, a water sprite.
Cutting Ball Theater San Francisco season announcement

San Francisco Theater: Cutting Ball 2015-16 season

Acclaimed San Francisco theater celebrates 17th season with season dedicated to “Dreams”.

Antigone at the Cutting Ball (Review)

Loper is the sort of actor who’s totally in the moment, absorbing what other cast members put out there and responding to it.

Dark in the Swedish Winter: Strindberg at the Cutting Ball

Rob Melrose astutely writes that in many ways, The Pelican is "the modern chamber version of Hamlet and Electra – a father murdered by the mother and her lover and the children needing to know where their loyalties lie and what revenge to take."

San Francisco: Cutting Ball Theater opens 14th season with Strindberg Cycle

This will be the first time all five of Strindberg’s Chamber Plays will be performed together in repertory in any language. Strindberg Cycle is the final offering in Cutting Ball's year-long programming celebrating the centennial of Strindberg's death.

Revisiting the Tenderloin

“It’s so real.” she kept repeating, an echo taken up by others, as if being real made the violence preferable to other alternatives.

Cutting Ball Theater continues celebration of August Strindberg

One of Strindberg’s most peculiar and rarely performed plays, 'The Keys To Heaven' was never performed during the playwright’s lifetime.