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Sam Chanse

Theater News: Magic Theatre announces 2020-2021 season featuring world premiere of Sam Chanse’s ‘Monument’

As San Francisco Bay Area theater companies struggle to bring shows to a new, online-only audience we see different approaches being employed to keeping us engaged. Many have turned to streaming and virtual experiences -- given social distancing these seem like pretty much the only viable alternatives.Meantime, others, like...
Theater Review: Frankenstein at City Lights Theater Company, San Jose

Review: Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ re-imagined for stage in dynamic, high-tech adaptation

The perfect marriage of art and technology for an empathy-deprived world.

‘Build’ at City Lights: A riveting look at video game developer culture and A.I. (Review)

A play about Silicon Valley that hits close to home. Can two video game developers meet deadline? And will ego, love, and loss render their code useless?
Truce: A Christmas Wish from the Great War - City Lights Theater Company

Making miracles happen at City Lights with ‘Truce’

Wilder and Bracco’s play works so well because of the obvious lengths they’ve gone to make this historically accurate – to make it less of a fairy tale and more of a real-life miracle.

What’s Happening: Picasso, Flavor! Napa Valley, Breakfast with Mugabe, Truce

Creative and interesting things to see and do around the San Francisco Bay Area. Here's some Stark Insider picks.

City Lights Theater Company calls a ‘Truce’

In honor of the centennial of the “Christmas Truce” — in which World War I troops on both sides staged an impromptu cease-fire on the battlefields of France on Christmas, 1914 — this World Premiere tells the story of the truce through scenes, vignettes, live music and song, letters, and documents.

Mozart v. Salieri: ‘Amadeus’ at City Lights (Theater Review)

O’Reilly has a quiet intensity, as if consciously containing all the energy at his command.

San Francisco Theater Scene

30/20 Benefit for San Jose Stage, dark play or stories for boys, “Empowering Women” a 36 Hour Play Festival, Instant Gratification, A Minister's Wife. and Keith Moon: The Real Me.

Fame, fortune and felony ‘Chicago’-style

Chicago continues to resonate with an audiences even more than it did when it was introduced on Broadway in the 70s. This original City Lights production is no exception. It is a wonderful finish to an excellent season.

‘Chicago’ in San Jose

A film version, starring Richard Gere and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and directed by Rob Reiner, was released in 2002 and won six Academy Awards.