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Soul Surfer - Movie

Inspiring: Cinequest Film Festival closes with ‘Soul Surfer’

Soul Surfer is the incredible, true story of thirteen year old champion surfer Bethany Hamilton’s (AnnaSophia Robb) inspiring recovery from a terrifying shark attack that took her left arm.

Cinequest Film Festival Guide: Best bets

People are connecting like they never have before. And we are all having a blast together." - Halfdan Hussey, co-founder Cinequest.
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Stark Insider TV: Cinequest Film Festival opening night

Mayor Chuck Reed had one of my favorite lines of the night when he implored the standing only room crowd at the California Theatre to "leave broke".
John Turturro

John Turturro receives ‘Maverick’ award at Cinequest Film Festival

His fourth directorial outing, Passione, kicked off the festival and screened before a sold-out audience at the majestic California Theatre.
Cinequest Film Festival 21

‘Passione’ and ‘Soul Surfer’ to open and close Cinequest Film Festival

The announcement was made today by Cinequest Co-Founders Halfdan Hussey and Kathleen Powell and Program Director Mike Rabehl.

Canadian filmmaker Aaron Houston on making movies, Cinequest, NHL playoffs

Constant reminder: Sometimes we're not as clever as we think. In filmmaker Aaron Houston's short Two Theories, One Stone two intellectuals discover just that, over breakfast and from the most unlikely of sources. In some ways it's the perfect homage to Quentin Tarantino. Although you'll have to watch it to see...

Deepak Chopra on consciousness, Red Shoes edition, you had us at the first layer of consciousness. As he spoke at the Cinequest Film Festival recently, Deepak Chopra may have sent karma-sized shock waves across the theater, "I could talk about consciousness for two years." And while he didn't manage to go that far, he did...

Adobe Youth Voices Cinequest Film Camp: To the finish line!

The mood was definitely different when I arrived at Adobe HQ for the third and final weekend of Cinequest Film Camp. This was the last weekend before the screenings at Camera Cinema 12 (see Cinequest and Adobe roll out the red carpet for aspiring filmmakers)For those of you that...

Cinequest Film Festival: It’s a wrap

Although the closing ceremony and awards took place last night along with the screening of Mother at the California Theatre, Cinequest Film Festival 20 officially comes to a close today.For the first time an "encore day" was added. Audience favorites and award winners will receive a bonus screening allowing...

Opening night with film director Rory Bain's it like watching your own film with an audience during a world premiere at the Cinequest film festival here in San Jose?Director Rory Bain says, "It's such a weird experience because you're in a way presenting and at the same time you're an audience member... very, very unusual."His...