The views from William Hill Estate.

Musings from Napa: California Chardonnay

If E. & J. Gallo were a wine varietal, perchance it would be a Chardonnay.

Stark Sips: 2009 Artesa Chardonnay, Carneros Napa ($20, 90 pts.)

During marathon tastings, I’ve sat for hours going through all their reserves, library wines, etc. But I always come back to this Chardonnay.

2008 Rombauer Vineyards Chardonnay, Carneros (91 pts, $32)

I'm really liking the "unoaked" Chardonnay trend. There is almost nothing worse than a buttery, almost oily, creamy Chard, especially served too warm. The main reason is another of the wine words: structure. Less oak, to me at least, means more room for tannins—the alcohol and minerals that deliver a...

Tenuta Vineyards 2006 Chardonnay, Livermore Valley: A great wine from a unique winery

We weren't completely surprised by this Chardonnay from Tenuta. Just weeks earlier we had enjoyed some of it, along with several other wines and some barrel tasting, up at the vineyard in Livermore Valley. The winery is run by founder Nancy Tenuta along with Rich Rollins, who Loni interviewed...

Clos du Bois Sonoma Reserve Chardonnay 2006 $13.49 (87 pts.)

For pairing, try seafood dishes like lobster or fish with simple sauces.

Clos du Bois Sonoma Reserve Chardonnay 2006: A creamy, toasty wine

Perhaps I'm inspired by the unseasonably warm weather here in California.Despite a long list of reds awaiting tasting, I found myself gravitating towards this Chardonnay.The creamy and rich flavors of a nice Chardonnay at just the right temperature is a rewarding experience indeed.  Add some crackers and cheese, and...