Cavalia Odysseo - San Francisco AT&T Parkvideo

Cavalia Odysseo tour arrives in San Jose (Video)

It's the "largest touring production on earth." And it opens in just a few weeks in San Jose.Look for the White Big Top (Highway 87 and Julian Street), there you'll find the stunning (see the Stark Insider review of Cavalia Odysseo) production known by Cavalia. The size of an...

Backstage: ODYSSEO by Cavalia – Horse Training & Aerial Skills (Video)

Stark Insider continues to pursue the creative impulse, and the people who bring us magic -- be it in the arts, food, film, music, or travel. In this episode Loni heads backstage at Cavalia's dazzling new show Odysseo. Be sure to subscribe to the SI YouTube channel and receive...
Cavalia Odysseo - San Francisco Videovideo

Cavalia bringing new show ‘Odysseo’ to San Francisco (Video)

Acrobats. Horses. Aerialists. State-of-the-art video screens. And a three-story mountain with... a real lake.Odysseo.That's the name of the new, $30 million mega-show made by the creators of the fantastical show Cavalia we saw here a few years back. It's scheduled to come to San Francisco in November and run...

Stark Insider Celebrates 5 Years of SF Bay Area Theater

Loni Stark's March 28, 2009 review of The Kite Runner would mark Stark Insider's first ever theater review. Thank you for 5 amazing years.

Ethereally Aesthetic: Entering the World of ‘Amaluna’ by Cirque du Soleil (Review)

As Cirque brings something new into the world, we emerge from Amaluna restored by the breathtaking excellence of this performance.

Blue Man Group Revisited

You're sure to have a great time with rock concert moves #1 - #5, and even more with "Shake that Thang." However, if you’ve caught their act once, you may want to think twice above a repeat visit.

Bay Area Stage: Mike Tyson, Kurt Bodden at The Marsh, ‘Dead Metaphor’ at A.C.T.

Bay Area Stage This Week: Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth, Pageant the Musical, Steve Seabrook: Better than You, Intimate Tchaikovsky and Dead Metaphor at A.C.T. in San Francisco.

DSLR Dilemma: Canon EOS 60D or new full-frame EOS 6D?

Just how I contemplated upgrading to a 5D Mark II (and then the Mark III) I realize that the benefits over something like the EOS 60D probably don't warrant the incremental outlay.

Review: ‘War Horse’ at the SHN Curran commands breathless attention

While the show is smart enough to throw in bits of comedy, be it an insouciant toss of a tail, or fat, self-important geese waddling into stage center, you hope against hope for the unlikely happy ending, weighing the grimness of World War I, against the need for resolution.

Behind the Scenes: Cavalia bungee acrobat audition

Safe to say when Jay Leno described Cavalia as "the greatest show I have ever seen!" he was likely not referring to the one featuring Loni's stuntwork you see here, despite some truly exceptional (and patient) coaching from acrobat Jennifer Lécuyer.