Riverdance - Anna Livia - Review

Still Working Magic: Riverdance (Review)

The phenomenal power generated by these dancers executing precisely articulated steps so rapidly that their lower limbs and feet blur is intensified all the more because, as with most Irish dances of this style, the upper torso remains absolutely still.
If/Then starring Idina Menzel

Original Broadway Cast: ‘IF/THEN’ at the Orpheum, San Francisco (Review)

Superficially, the execution appears unremarkable until it hits that your brain has been stolen by the shape of the entire dance, moving on the stage like a school of fish, leaving you more aware of the geometries that power it forward.

Theater News: ‘Wicked’ returns to San Francisco (Video)

Good news for fans of the untold story of the witches of Oz. Wicked (review from the Orpheum) is returning to San Francisco.Organizers today at SHN announced the Broadway smash hit -- and winner of a Grammy and three Tony Awards -- will play the Orpheum Theatre March 9 through...

The Phantom of the Opera: BTS with Chris Mann (Video)

Chris Mann is The Phantom, and Stark Insider has an inside look at the epic Broadway show making its way across the country.Perhaps no Broadway show in history has impacted audiences the world over as dramatically as The Phantom of the Opera. Lavish sets. Gorgeous costumes. That classic Andrew...

BTS Preview: ‘The Lion King’ with Rafiki (Video)

Can you feel the love tonight?For Broadway fans in Silicon Valley, the answer would be a resounding Y-E-S.Ever popular Phantom of the Opera is now playing in San Francisco. And next week, another epic Broadway hit, The Lion King, opens at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts.If you haven't...

Broadway Backstage: ‘Matilda the Musical’ at SHN Orpheum (Video)

"It is a full, physical workout, this show."It takes actor Bryce Ryness only about 15 minutes to transform -- warts and all -- into that most likable of an evil headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. But, removing all that makeup, glue, and effect pieces, well... that takes considerably longer.Perhaps most impressive...

Maggots! Backstage at ‘Matilda the Musical’ (Outtakes)

Want to take control of a room?Here's a handy trick for commanding attention.Watch this outtake as Bryce Ryness shows me a move that should cause everyone to pay attention when first walking into a room. The Broadway actor is now appearing in Matilda the Musical at the SHN Orpheum. I met...
Matilda National Tour - Review

‘Matilda’ musical dazzles at the Orpheum (Review)

Outstanding performances, vocals, and choreography. 'Matilda' is a fine example of intelligent story-telling and the inspiration that live theater can deliver.
If/Then Broadway Musical

SHN reveals line-up of Broadway musicals

“The homecoming of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical gives us all an opportunity to see how the production has developed since it first had its world premiere with SHN in 2013.”

Still loving Lucy (Review)

Unlike the sitcom Ricky, Losada leads a real band and sings on stage, with a rich tenor that just might make you swoon.