Echo Brown - Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters

Realer than Real: Echo Brown and ‘Black Virgins Are Not for Hipsters’

When she talks about how racist the Bay Area is, compared to NYC or Cleveland, her observation seems perfectly aligned with the Bay Area’s glacial coolness and assumed superiority that goes with occupying this stunning bit of heaven.
Central Works Berkeley - Season line-up

Central Works Berkeley 2016 Season

Central Works New Play Theater in Berkeley has revealed its 2016 line-up. Organizers tell us they will continue to focus on new work "drawing from history, literature and events in our contemporary world that affect life as we live it."The Central Works 2016 Season opens with the Oedipal family...
The Monster Builder - Aurora Theatre Company, Berkele

A monster builder, a master play

A talented cast at Berkeley's Aurora Theatre Company holds the show together through all its twists and turns.
Date Night at Pet Emergency

Not Just a Morality Tale: Date Night at Pet Emergency

Rothman's considerable strengths, as a writer and performer, make this show worth taking in.
The Hypocrites’ Pirates of Penzance at Berkeley Rep

Making Piracy Pay: The Hypocrites’ Pirates of Penzance

This take on the Gilbert and Sullivan classic tweaks a more than a few bits, with Frederic confused with Frodo, and pilots with pirate.
The Submarine Show - Review

The Berkeley Submarine

Within seconds of lights going down, kids in the audience began to burst into irrepressible giggles at the sight of Slater Penney and Jaron Hollander, as if all were privy to some inside joke.
Smantha Barks as Amélie

Samantha Barks stars in charming Amélie musical (Review)

UPDATE 9.14.2015 11:55am PT - We've been informed 8 new performances of Amélie, A New Musical have been added, and the show now runs through October 11. Amélie, Jean-Pierre Jeaunet's 2001 hit film (5 Oscar nominations), has landed on the stage.The new production opened over the weekend at Berkeley Rep, and, if...
l-r, Beth (Jamie Jones*) enjoys the joint she scores from teenaged dealer Jonathan (Devin O’Brien) in Aurora Theatre Company’s Bay Area Premiere of Mud Blue Sky

Taking you higher with ‘Mud Blue Sky’

Beth is the take-charge one: your mother – or maybe you – keeping eyelids popped open while trying not to advertise she’s been doing it on autopilot for a mighty long time.
Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education, The California Chapter

Policy pivots along ‘School-to-Prison-Pipeline’ with Anna Deavere Smith (Review)

She’s so powerful that she can use words like “impactful,” and you want to believe them.