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Berkeley Rep New Season: Amélie, Hypocrites’ Pirates, Disgraced, Aubergine, Macbeth, Treasure Island

The Berkeley Rep Theatre today announced its lineup for 2015-16: Amélie, The Hypocrites' Pirate of Pleasure, Disgraced, Aubergine, Macbeth, and Treasure Island."For the 2015-16 season we've assembled a collection of captivating plays that range from classic stories being inventively and fantastically retold to new works by some of the most prolific and...

Berkeley Rep Named to 10 Best Theater List: Creative risk-taking trumps all

Berkeley Rep has the highest combined ratings on Stark Insider since 2009. If we were the Metacritic of stage, it would be in green and sit around a 95, next to Magic Theatre, A.C.T. and BioShock for Sony PlayStation.

Just in Time for Super Bowl: X’s and O’s – A Football Love Story (Review)

Every lighting cue and every sound cue work to heighten this realism and transform the Berkeley Rep’s thrust stage. In lesser hands, this hyperrealism could feel mechanistic and antiseptically cold, but here, it’s so well done that it only pushes the story forward.

Red Hot Patriot at Berkeley Rep (Review)

Kathleen Turner stars in 'Red Hot Patriot' at Berkeley Rep. "A perfect holiday show if you can't countenance anymore Nutcracker saccharine."

‘Party People’ a revolution for the stage

"They said you can be an American."
Audience with Meow Meow - Berkeley Rep Theatre Review

An Audience with Meow Meow

Don’t think for a minute that she’ll give you any of that Je ne veux pas dejeuner stuff.

American Idiot – I got it wrong, way wrong

I look back at a 2009 review and cringe. What was I thinking when I reviewed the musical American Idiot?

Theater Review: Hershey Felder as ‘Monsieur Chopin’ at Berkeley Rep

“Chopin is the angel of all pianists,” says Felder, “he really was able to take piano to new heights that hadn’t been seen before him. All these years later, we still strive to create the magic that he supposedly created at the instrument... it’s really ethereal."

Channeling the Maestro: Felder takes on Bernstein

Watching Felder’s Bernstein conduct the Vienna Philharmonic play Wagner, you’re immediately in the moment, understanding perhaps, for the first time, Bernstein's take on something so hugely heroic.