Baja California Sur

Scorpion Bay

Scorpion Bay – Episode 5 “Stranger in a Strange Land”

So this would be it. Loni would shop, and I would play hide-and-seek.
Loreto Baja

New York Times names Loreto #8 place to visit in 2011

Loreto is keeping good company. Other destinations mentioned, placing ahead include Santiago (Chile), Iceland, Milan and London.

The Loreto Project: $1,218 raised!

Over the course of the last three editions of the Loreto Calendar (2009, 2010, 2011) we have raised $6,784 for local charities in Loreto.

Scorpion Bay – Episode 4 “Money follows pretty”

The army of inverted snow angels proceed to rub their armpits against the carpet for the next four hours.

Bruno’s Trattoria, a little piece of Italy in Loreto

While Clint craved fish tacos, the quiet, warm ambiance of Bruno's Trattoria lured me in.
Mike's Bar

Scorpion Bay – Episode 3 “Tinnitus”

It would be on this evening in this little bar with its three-for-one drink specials and Latin disco music that I'd learn we were being watched.
Water Colors

Scorpion Bay – Episode 2 “Water colors and Sharon Stone”

My friend Murphy, turns out, would have more than a small role in the troubles that would transpire over the next few years.

Scorpion Bay – Episode 1 “Coronado Island”

My heart is pounding now, and I'm not sure why.

Scorpion Bay – Prologue Part 4 “Dragsters in the desert”

In February 2006 we bought a home in Loreto Bay. Almost five years later, I'm ready to tell the whole story.
Sierra de la Giganta

Scorpion Bay – Prologue Part 3 “If these walls could talk…”

Now, I've never told anyone this story, no one.