Baja California Sur

Whales: Where are you?

Loreto BCS Day 5 – Whale of an economy

So I had to go looking for jumper cables. In Ottawa, my hometown, this would be easy-peasy. Here, next to this Taco oasis by the Pacific Ocean, not so much.
Downtown Loreto, Sierra de la Giganta in the distance.

Loreto Baja Day 4 – Fish, furniture, f-words

I asked Loni if she knew any other f-words that could help complete the brilliant fish and furniture train of thought. A blank stare. Then a stream of sailor-like expletives. My hockey line-mates would be proud.
Bancomer Loreto

Loreto Baja Day 3 – In photos

Over at Steve and Eve's tower we enjoyed a tranquil evening. The fresh yellowtail was nicely smoked, and sinfully delicious. As was the wine - a red L.A. Cello. We sat as darkness enshrouded the quiet neighborhood here in Nopolo.
Japan Explosion

Loreto Day 2 – Japan

2,414 deaths. 3,118 missing.
La Cetto

Loreto Baja Day 1 – On Baja wine

L.A. Cetto from the aforementioned Valle de Guadalupe occupies the lion's share of shelf space: a Fume de Blanc, Blanc de Blancs, and Sauv Blanc. Price is about 140 pesos, or approximately $12 US.
Loreto Airport - LTO - Baja California Sur, Mexico

Scorpion Bay – Episode 7 “LTO”

But the most curious person I had met so far was the woman sitting next to me on the flight from LAX. I'll be the first to admit that her pixie-like attire kind of threw me for a loop. Was she from Berkeley?

The road to our Loreto Bay home

If my life was a novel, perhaps this smooth asphalt road would signify that calmer waters are ahead for the Loreto Bay development. Dare we hope for landscaping?
Loreto - Sea of Cortez

In Loreto – HOA annual meeting week

The wind has made for some very dramatic wave action.

Scorpion Bay – Episode 6 “Resurrection”

"You should learn to speak Spanish, you know. Si?"

Scorpion Bay Baja adventure announcement

There are some behind-the-scenes things that Clint asked me to report that could delay it by up to a week or so.